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Exercise update and thinking about the new "normal".

For all you exercise fans a brief update. I did the following this evening. It took 30-40 mins and I got sweaty… that’ll do me… 436 more words

Goblet Squats

Goblet Squats are a great whole body exercise. Doing Goblet squats to improve leg strength, abdominal strength and back strength. The reason why swimmers should be doing squats is to develop strength in these areas for better turns. 118 more words

Out Of Water Training (OWT)

Friday: 141003

Notes: No Pilates class on Saturday, but get ready for Carnival 2.0!!!!

Part A) Weighted Strict Pull-up (15 minute cap, work up to a heavy single) 25 more words


Thursday 09.18.14


Single Arm Snatch {kettle bell or dumbbell}



5 KB Snatch, each arm {10 Total}
10 Goblet Squats
20 Weighted Step Ups {single arm, switch every 5 reps} 7 more words


AMRAPs, Unbroken and The Leftovers


Grab your timers.  I want to share a workout and format that I’ve been doing with some of my clients this week.  I’m not a crossfitter, but I do like a circuit style of training they use called AMRAPs. 419 more words