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I have too many hobbys - Warhammer V Songs of Blades and Heroes.

I have not posed here in a very long time – I am still taking photos – but have been lazy and just putting them on my facebook page. 176 more words

Ricky Goblin and the Pirates(Spice Trader Tea Company)

Ricky has always been a bit of a problem goblin.

He gets into things and stays out later than he should.

He is also a helpful and loving goblin. 155 more words


Monster Monday- July 21, 2014

This week’s monster is a Hobgoblin based off of a similar design I created a month back inspired by AD&D. The design follows more classic idea of pig nosed orcs and goblins with a nonstandard nose. 70 more words

Movie Review: Goblin (2010)

That cover is one of the most mis-leading covers ever….

When someone mentions a goblin to you what is the first image that pops into your mind? 551 more words

The Disc

Super Shattergang Brothers!

Just a fun alter for these guys. So many ideas ran through my head but I went with this one. Up for grabs!



Movie and Beer Reviews in Less Than a Minute (or two)!!! *
* Cause who has time to read?! Watch more movies!! Drink more beer!!! 300 more words

The Raid on Kostbera’s Pass (Part One of Seven)

An underground mountain pass has been overrun by wicked goblin raiders and a conniving group of thieves.  Only you can rescue the merchants trapped within… and maybe uncover the terrible fate of the dwarven engineer, Kostbera… 530 more words