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How to XP Farm

Everyone wants more XP! Today, I’m going to tell you the best way to shoot up in XP as fast as you can. So there are 5 main ways to gain experience: 276 more words

Clash For Dummies

Diablo 3 - Boon of the Hoarder Gem & The Treasure Portal!!!

Greetings friends,

Just got back from out of town. I have the Zeratul review coming. I know it is late, I apologize. You can head over to Youtube and see the gameplay review already. 53 more words

Diablo 3

Goblin Interstitial: The most powerful DM tool at your disposal.

So, throughout my tenure as a DM, I’ve garnered a few tricks of the trade that make my job just a little bit easier. I’m feeling charitable, so I’ll let you in on the biggest innovation in gaming since the to-hit roll. 504 more words


The Saga of Reginald the Foul, 1.7

Reginald and the Battle of Almfords Farm

Reginald dashed to beside his standard, and looked down at the farm. He could clearly see Swarth dashing hither and yon about the farmyard, sometimes chasing, but mostly being chased by a number of burly pitchfork wielding humans. 718 more words


The Men of Clash

Hey Guys! Today I will be talking about “the men of clash”. In other words the male troops in the game. Tomorrow I will be covering ‘the women of clash”, then on Friday “the creatures of clash”. 388 more words


Terror Tuesdays Terrible Movie - Troll 2

Possibly the most terrible movie ever made, which is why everybody has to see it. Troll 2 has nothing to do with the first Troll film, in fact there are no trolls in it, there are goblins, but no trolls. 43 more words