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Pseudo-dice combat system

This here is a goblin warrior with a shield, sword and leather armor:

[ Image taken from http://rackhamminiatures.yolasite.com ]

The sword

> Ordinary jagged goblin sword: 3x, 1x, condition 30/30. 1,815 more words


Suspiria: Dario Argento's intense horror is unlike any other

A young American dancer travels to Europe to join a famous ballet school. As she arrives, the camera turns to another young woman, who appears to be fleeing from the school. 857 more words

I have too many hobbys - Warhammer V Songs of Blades and Heroes.

I have not posed here in a very long time – I am still taking photos – but have been lazy and just putting them on my facebook page. 176 more words

Ricky Goblin and the Pirates(Spice Trader Tea Company)

Ricky has always been a bit of a problem goblin.

He gets into things and stays out later than he should.

He is also a helpful and loving goblin. 155 more words


Monster Monday- July 21, 2014

This week’s monster is a Hobgoblin based off of a similar design I created a month back inspired by AD&D. The design follows more classic idea of pig nosed orcs and goblins with a nonstandard nose. 70 more words

Movie Review: Goblin (2010)

That cover is one of the most mis-leading covers ever….

When someone mentions a goblin to you what is the first image that pops into your mind? 551 more words

The Disc

Super Shattergang Brothers!

Just a fun alter for these guys. So many ideas ran through my head but I went with this one. Up for grabs!