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Tervehdys Goblin Kingiltä

Tänne olisi sitten tarkoitus alkaa lisäillä erilaisia päivityksiä ja kirjoituksia roolipelaamisen kiehtovasta maailmasta. Sivun sisällöksi tarkoitus tulla arvosteluita, boffausohjeita, valmisseikkailuja erilaisiin roolipeleihin ja erilaisia ideoita luoville pelimestareille! 38 more words


The Saga of Reginald the Foul, 1.5

Reginald and the Flag

Having safely insured that his master was sufficiently distracted by thoughts of what to construct the actual standard out of, Wekkit walked off into the brush to follow up on the minions assigned with finding a suitable pole. 736 more words


The Saga of Reginald the Foul, 1.4

Reginald Takes A Ride

Wekkit looked over the palanquin with no small amount of pride. Though given little more than trash to work with, he had supervised the pile of detritus into a serviceable mode of transportation. 663 more words


Proper Party Put-together.

I’d like to make this little impromptu post to address a concern I’ve had. As you may know, I’ve been slowly growing weary of D&D. I don’t WANT this to happen. 455 more words

Cute Goblin

A cute little goblin from while on vacation. Carmine Col-erase pencil, and signature pen.

Y’all have fun,


Monster Monday- August 18, 2014


Another Bugbear for Monster Monday. I continued with experimenting with adding texture to my ink drawings and have been getting positive results. The Bugbear is a part of a small book that I am creating for promotions to send to Art directors. 75 more words