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Faith in God

Flesh cannot overcome flesh but through the Holy Spirit we can slay the flesh, which God does upon our faith being placed consistently in Christ Jesus and the cross.

Romans 8:1-2, 11

God Centered

A Relationship is not a Dictatorship

A relationship should never consists of one being a dictator. Yes the man is the head of the household but he has entered into a partnership. 167 more words

God Centered

This post is highly profound

As humans, we’re prone to boastfulness. Whether we admit it or not, we need and want to take every chance we have to show others our capabilities. 625 more words

My Processing Questions - March 12th 2014

1.  Am I in a position today where I am ministering to others, or merely reacting to others?


2.  What am I working towards?  Is it God-centered? 94 more words


Question of the week

Who is your best friend in a relationship? Is it with your your significant other or someone else? Will the bond of friendship be stronger when establishing your relationship to know what and how you all see life and situations? 11 more words

God Centered

Walk by the Spirit and not the Flesh

Humans are wired to want instant gratification. When our eyes see something that we consider pleasing we want it right away. Often times we will do whatever it takes to satisfy that urge, even if it means compromising our faith, beliefs, and current situation. 181 more words

God Centered

Five Common Mindsets to Avoid in Bible Study

God is worth His word being read, interpreted, and applied well. If you doubt that for a moment, then I recommend reading through Psalm 119 in its entirety. 407 more words