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Rainmeter: God Eater Nana Katsuki XSide4 - hiddenskins

The Last skins for today! Even I’m not yet watching this series, she is my type. :D The healthy girl with the bright smile. Who’s can reject her?! 81 more words


'God Eater Visual Gallery' opens in Asagaya Anime Street

Original artworks, figures and merchandise from the hit video game series, God Eater, were on display over at the Asagaya Anime Street in Tokyo where Bandai Namco has set up the God Eater visual gallery which celebrates the popular game franchise. 12 more words

GOD EATER & GOD EATER 2 Visual Art Works

God Eater’s own visual art works is here. It didn’t took long before Amazon Japan shipped it out. The cover page has a pretty nice Alisa artwork.


Nendoroid Alisa Amiella has been Available for Pre-order

When I saw Nendoroid Alisa‘s design for the first time, I was really surprised considering the fact that Namco Bandai as the licensor of… 188 more words


Triple Line-up! Nendoroid Alisa, Sasara, and Titania Asuna are Available for Reservations

- Nendoroid No. 401: Alisa Illinichina Amiela [アリサ・イリーニチナ・アミエーラ] -

Who won’t be surprised if it’s about 3 Nendoroids came up for pre-orders at the same time? 545 more words


Nendoroid Alisa Illinichina Amiela is Previewed by Kahotan

- Kahotan Preview: Nendoroid Alisa Illinichina Amiela [アリサ・イリーニチナ・アミエーラ] -

From the popular game series GOD EATER 2, the long awaited Nendoroid Alisa is finally previewed by Kahotan! 52 more words


[New Nendoroid] God Eater's Alisa Illinichina Amiella Nendoroid ready to fight some Aragamis

God Eater 2‘s Alisa Illinichina Amiella may be getting turned into a cute little nendoroid thanks to Good Smile Company, but that ain’t gonna stop her from fighting them Aragamis. 23 more words