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#Top10VGHeroes — Number 5

Today, we continue the #Top10VGHeroes thread. As I was thinking of the rules for this topic, I came across many different characters from many different genres and games. 733 more words


Experiencing God of War, part 2

NOTICE: This post contains spoilers for the God of War Series

Characters and Monsters

While I’ve stated that I love how the God of War… 1,166 more words


PS-Revision: God of War 1&2

As I currently work my way through old Playstation titles that I’ve tragically missed as an Xbox 360 owner, I’ve decided to share my experiences with each exclusive as they dance between my fingers and thumbs. 652 more words


War Prayer

The War Prayer takes place in present day, during Sunday services at a church in Any Town, USA. On the eve of war, our Reverend leads the congregation in a prayer for the protection of our soldiers. 144 more words


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I believe that this is worthy of reposting. The very core of making war is the military being active in destroying someone else and their property. The motivation does not start at the grass roots level, it comes from the leadership. The order to "Fire"or "Kill the motherfuckers" or whatever the language, it all means somebody dies or is maimed. Others mourn and wonder why is it so? This works both ways, for the attackers and the defenders. Easier to fight in defence of your country and freedoms if you are on your own land. Easy to justify your actions, for the leaders and the killers. Not so easy, surely for the marauders in someone-else's country. But made easier if you believe the lies that motivate your participation. Made easier if your religious leaders pray for you and for victory, that makes it alright for some. Others come home, dead, alive but crippled either physically or mentally, or both, and many seem to at last come to realize the enormity of their actions. Permanently scarred and often resorting to suicide to achieve their own peace. This church's prayer is hard to reconcile with a belief system based on a Christian God, or any God other than a God of War. I am not aware of any of the latter in our modern civilization. So we come to Mark Twain's prayer where reality hits home. The reality of praying for victory really equating to praying for successful destruction of lives and property, for the screams and the pain, just like your own lives and property and feelings but not really your own, therefore somehow different and that difference makes the destruction acceptable to God, therefore to you. But 'reality' swiftly got escorted out of the Church, no reality welcome there! Mark Twain was no fool. His thinking and understanding and morals are far above the normal. I am with him in spirit and intent, even if not in intellect.

David Jaffe

For fans of the Twisted Metal and God of War series, David Jaffe is somewhat of a god.  Being the creator of these games, Jaffe has had a major impact on both the PS2 and beat ‘em up style games.   247 more words


New Games Whoot Whoot!

So because I got cash from my grandma for Easter I was able to go to GameStop and pre-order my copy of Batman Arkham Knight for the PS4. 89 more words

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 4/19/14

God of War is one of those games that I love to watch, but I could never play. It’s amazingly epic and once I found out the storyline, I find it even more amazing (aka the reason his skin is all grey, sadness). 6 more words