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Square, Square, Triangle: The Honest Trailer For 'God of War' Takes Its Revenge

The newest video game Honest Trailer from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies takes us to ancient Greece, where Spartan warrior Kratos is trying to avenge his family by killing Ares, the god of war. 117 more words


The Manga Shelf: Ares

The Facts are These:

After more than two hundred years the kingdom of Clarines has moved in decline. With the years of peace the country known as the “Land of the Sword” is left with old heroes. 437 more words


Gaming Inspired Artwork #GTA #MetalGearSolid #Killzone #GearsofWar

We love gaming here at The Art Corporation, here are some of our works from our favourite franchises.


if you have a penis FUCK YOU! a message for Anita Sarkeesian

First before i start talk about Anita lets talk about her haters what the fuck is wrong with you guys every one has a right to an opinion even though you think its wrong and as a man i feel ashamed for this ignorance let the women talk and if you find it wrong don’t say “SUCK MY DICK BITCH” instead say an actual smart response like what i will try to do. 437 more words


Five Games that Haven't Aged Well

Every once in a while, a game comes along that truly shows its revolutionary design. And with that excellent design, comes games that just don’t exactly stand the test of time. 678 more words


God of War Collection (PS Vita) - Reseña

La compilación que salió hace unos años para el Playstation 3 llegó recientemente al Playstation Vita, la portátil de Sony que necesita mucho más apoyo de los desarrolladores. 372 more words


PSN Weekend Flash Sale, Ends August 25th

Are you looking to pick up some really good titles for your PlayStation 3 or your PS Vita for about the price of a meal? Well you’re in luck! 146 more words