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Giveaway of Gods and Gladiators

In college, I studied classical archaeology and Italy is always one of my favorite travel destinations so it was a no brainer to write a story that takes place in Ancient Rome. 43 more words


Where the hell did Nick Pollard go?

Greetings y’all. I haven’t been around here very much in recent weeks, and feel that I need to explain myself, especially considering the massive acceleration of hits since the publishing of my… 573 more words


Goddess of War

Ever wondered what Kratos from the God of War games would look like if he came from Egypt rather than Greece? Of course, given that the real Egyptian divinity of war (Sekhmet) was a woman, I think the Egyptian equivalent to Kratos would be female too. 71 more words


[GAMEPLAY] Tem que ser MACHO pra matar deuses usando saia

Pois é, saia nunca foi lá uma coisa de HOOOOMEM, mas isso não fez com que a masculinidade de Kratos fosse questionada…até porque quem teria a coragem? 26 more words


EFC 32 ~ Ster Kinekor

Published on Jul 15, 2014

On August 7 the dynamic Wade Groth faces Durban’s ‘God of War’, Peter Nyide, and heavyweight KO specialists Sors Grobbelaar and Knife Didier square off. 61 more words

Sors GURU Grobbelaar

Top 5: PlayStation 3

Before I get started I’d like to point out that there are many PlayStation 3 games I haven’t played yet. I’d also like to give an honorable mention to the BioShock franchise as the first one narrowly missed out 5th place, but unlike BioShock, the Little Big Planet franchise (including the karting one) hasn’t had so many bumps. 1,517 more words

PlayStation 3