Salvation without Baptism or Tongues: When the Holy Spirit Sneaks Inside of You

Salvation is not something you do with your lips, it is something you do with your soul. In English, we often think of our hearts and our souls as the same thing. 2,342 more words

His Salvation

The Magnificent Holy Spirit

As a maturing Christian, you should have a basic understanding about who the Holy Spirit is and how He is involved in your life, but you’ll have a hard time finding accurate teaching about Him in the Church today. 3,226 more words

Essential Theology

Why the Holy Spirit Left You (Guidance for Panicking Christians)

There comes a time in the lives of certain devoted Christians when something truly horrible happens to them. The Holy Spirit suddenly leaves. One moment things are as they should be, and the next moment He is suddenly gone, and suddenly there is a terrifying void inside of you where His Presence used to reside. 2,257 more words

God The Holy Spirit

Images of God

“Children are often like their parents. How are you like your image of God?”

My image of God is a variety of many images I have compiled over the years and placed together in one. 993 more words

The Sign of the Cross

     Do you say a blessing over your food every time you eat? Even when you go out to eat? I sincerely hope that you do. Now, do you make the sign of the cross before after the blessing? 466 more words


Light, Lamps, and, Clear, Spiritual, Sight.....

The Word of God is a light. When you read it, the light goes inside to your innermost, spiritual, place… where the Holy Spirit dwells. 388 more words