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The November Purgatory Picnic


The Character-Building Activities Committee
Dept. of Trials&Tribulations

November Purgatory Picnic!

Dear Mrs. Jones,

You’re invited to the November Purgatory Picnic! Attendance is, of course, mandatory. 361 more words


[Dreamy&Spiritual Blogger Template]

There’s a certain class of blogger who drives me up the wall. It’s the dreamy-poetic-spiritual writer who generally has a pretty good point if you can make it through the choking marsh of words to get there. 330 more words


The Best Yes Book - Practical takeways

I just finished reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst in my women’s Sunday night bible study and this has definitely been one of the best reads for me. 784 more words

About Me

Mock-A-Meme Monday I

Facebook is overrun by memes promoting Women’s Empowerment. They’re easy to spot, these memes: they have some kind of message about breaking free from social expectations and appreciating the joy of just being a woman — superimposed over a picture of a cute and/or sexy young woman of near-perfect proportions . 199 more words


Jesus is ___________.

I have a lot of thoughts about Jesus. Living by myself, without any family nearby, Jesus is the only constant person I can count on (and honestly, even if I was married with tons of family around, that would still hold true). 907 more words

Spiritual Journey

Just Off the Highway

Each Sunday, I drive miles along highways lined with golden and orange trees, collecting little discoveries that I don’t notice during my weekday life.

For instance, this little blink of a town is named for this lantern-topped pole, which just sits there in the middle of the intersection. 310 more words


Trust & Sunsets // Cathedral Cove

In my last post I mentioned a trip that I took with a close friend. Half way through last year, we set off on what would be my very first overseas trip. 746 more words

100 Happy Days