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Butterfly effect

Once we have defined/found God, what happens next? Most people simply assume you ascend and be with God and that’s the end of it. I disagree, I can because I used to believe the same thing. 250 more words

Thursday, October 2

Proverbs 12  (NLT)

1 To learn, you must love discipline;
    it is stupid to hate correction.

2 The Lord approves of those who are good, 642 more words


Experiencing God, Even When Shopping For Life Insurance

When’s the last time a meeting with your life insurance agent ended with heartfelt prayer?

Spending a season in North America’s most expensive city has presented its challenges. 1,939 more words




東方閃電、全能神教、Eastern LightningAlmighty God】   全能神教會是因主耶穌的再來——末世基督“全能神”在中國的作工而產生的,並非是哪個人設立的。基督就是真理、道路、生命,只要看完神的發表就看見神已顯現。

Twitter:http://twitter.com/godfootsteps_tr… 10 more words

全能神、東方閃電、全能神教、全能神教會、 末世基督、主耶穌再來、主耶穌基督、國度救恩、基督教、真理

Wonder Why You’re Here

You are.

You are tempted to fill in a blank at the end of that sentence. You are ___. Most of what you might place in that blank are not worthy to be compared to the revealed glory that you  461 more words


Let Them Free

Good Morning

“Don’t secretly hate your neighbor. If you have something against him, get it out into the open; otherwise you are an accomplice in his guilt.” 178 more words

Soul Food

Daily Strength

You have scrutinized my inner motives; you have examined me during the night. You have carefully evaluated me, but you find no sin. I am determined I will say nothing sinful. 189 more words