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God is Love, Not Anti-Love

Teenagers are walking buckets of hormones. I’m speaking from personal experience. We express emotions in an unrestrained fashion, as explicitly as possible. And while we never run out of emotions, we seem to crave more. 906 more words


By the Light of the Silvery Moon

It is 10:30 and the moon is so bright and silver that it lights up the whole lawn, except where the shadow of the house obscures it. 114 more words

I Watched a Friend at Prayer

I watched a friend at prayer.
From the moment her eyes
Met Yours on the Cross,
She was enraptured.

What is it that passes between like souls?

142 more words

The Reality Of The Situation part 4

One more think about cold…Cold can kill. Not only spiritually but also physically. Most people have heard of hypothermia, however, to remind us of what it is here is the definition. 274 more words

Those Not Ready

Should we offer words
of comfort to those who
can not hear? One can not
teach those who yet do not
have the capacity to learn. 15 more words


The Adventures of a Camp Counselor: Sign #56

Sign #56: Some of the strongest emotions you have ever felt were during the serious times at camp.

Emotions are definitely intensified when you’re at camp. 485 more words


about halfway done

Hello people,

I hope all is well with everyone. I had a great weekend working on Phase 3 of my current project. Unfortunately there is a small setback, because I have go back to the store to exchange some items, specifically glue guns sticks. 240 more words

Showing The Glory Of God Thru The Visual Arts