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Can I special request this guy please?

I wrote the following after ringing GoDaddy’s customer support line. I wanted to complete a survey but the email I had wasn’t working for me. (Down with technology!) They have this neat thing where you can provide feedback online via… 746 more words

Wrangle your WordPress websites

Hailing from the rolling cornfields of Iowa, Mendel loves the outdoors, gourmet coffee, and prototyping new inventions. From scrappy beginnings as an entrepreneur and Web consultant for local businesses, he found his way to corporate America as a developer, marketer, and inventor. 34 more words


Word Share Junkie is Moving. Come With!

For about a year and a half or so, Word Share Junkie has been my little labor of love, and your support along the way has made it that much more special! 243 more words

Danica Patrick's Chevrolet SS to Support Breast Cancer!

Danica Patrick’s No. 10 GoDaddy Chevrolet SS will have a bit of a different look for the NASCAR Sprint Cup’s four events in October, but you won’t have any trouble spotting it on the track. 185 more words


GoDaddy Web Hosting Review , Learn How to Get a GoDaddy Hosting Coupon and a Free Site Now - YouTube

This is my GoDaddy hosting review. If you’re viewing this , then you probably have watched other web hosting reviews deciding who has the best hosting or who are the top web hosting companies , well in my honest review I want to explain why GoDaddy is one of the top web hosting services . 68 more words

First Post (First Rant): GoDaddy


This whole thing started when I was attempting to upload a clients site to their chosen web host (GoDaddy!!!). Normally, a simple ftp login and a ‘/’ are enough to send my beautiful creations into the air to their new home on t’internet. 147 more words


Site Setup Journal: Prologue

I think that most of the people involved in creating software for the web have completely forgotten what it’s like to navigate these waters, and that “our setup is so simple!” statements are in general full of crap. 376 more words