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The God and Goddess of things

Good can not exist without the bad and light would not be without darkness. There is a balance that must be sought in all things, a duality to everything in this life. 152 more words

Guan Yin is not another Virgin Mary, and the Virgin Mary is not a mother goddess

Some commentators, usually Christian or New Age, believe that the Buddhist entity Guan Yin and the Christian Virgin Mary are similar if not almost identical. Here I use this opportunity to tell you how they’re not. 445 more words


On the God and Goddess

So I had an entire post completed and ready to publish today, and then I almost made it to bed last night before I totally contradicted myself. 306 more words


What would you say to our Mother Earth?

…Oh Gaia, I believe you don’t value humans anymore than any other living being. Living with that belief is sobering. Oddly enough it also makes me want to be with you more . 109 more words

Andred, Ancient Goddess of the Druids?

Andred is a little-known goddess of the pre-Roman British isles, whom the Romans referred to as Andraste. It was said by Roman historian Dio that she was invoked by Boudica before the Iceni rebellion of 60AD. 895 more words

Ancient Wisdom

Happy Earth Day

Have a beautiful Earth Day everybody!

Here is a little trading card sized drawing of a Goddess I did years ago.  I thought she was a fitting tribute.

Artsy Heather