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I want you to know,

This is what you look like to me (no matter what)



Like a goddess in the flesh, you stand rooted and tall. The wind tousles your straw colored hair, every follicle holding more wisdom than the next. 380 more words

Posh Rappers

I wake in Bliss 

I wake before my man, I sit up and watch him sleeping. He is lying in a funny position, like a… 303 more words



When I look in the mirror, I can sometimes glimpse the Goddess.

When the Morrigan looks in the mirror, she can sometimes glimpse the Goddess. 11 more words


Goddess Girlfriends

Ok, you know when you go to college and hang out with your girlfriends?  You talk, probably drink a little (or maybe a lot), giggle, dancing.  448 more words

Better Living

Moonstone Lunar Phases Sterling Silver Triple Goddess Ring Wicca Pagan (sz 4-15)

This ring features the five phases of the moon, with two small moonstones on either side and a large moonstone in the center. The three Moon phases (waxing, full and waning) represent the three phases in a woman’s life: maiden, mother, and crone. 25 more words

To Selene

Cycles and circles; darkness and light.

Lovers unite and waters flow within and in spite

Of the brick and concrete walls that we sit within. 68 more words