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She had persuaded me to come at sunrise.

‘That’s when the Goddess Renuka rises too.’

‘Who is Renuka?’I had asked, notebook in hand.

‘The goddess with the power to change your sex.’ 721 more words


The healing power of the Moon

The Moon Goddess, in her bright phase, was a giver of life and all that promoted fertility. In her dark phase she was the wielder of the destructive powers of nature.

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Tribe of Magpies

High spirited magpies

share chatter expressively

maidens, mothers, crones


You Are The Goddess - I Will Be What I Can

You are the goddess of your calm and storm.
You deserve the world gilded:
yet you don’t want the treasure
for you possess more in value; it’s all within you!

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You shoulda seen this…

– C

Connecting With the Goddess and God

This exercise was inspired by Scott Cunningham’s Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner. I’m currently reading it (I’m on about chapter 3) for my study in Wicca and Paganism :-) 290 more words

Ramon's Insights ~ Manna from Heaven

Every second, every minute, every hour
our bodies breathe in the manna of Heaven.
Our bodies resonate with the love and power
of creative cosmic rhythms… 46 more words