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October to December in a Three-Minute Play

Yikes, it’s been nearly two months since I posted!  My apologies.  A lot has gone on.  As a summary, I present this three-minute play, “Kathryn’s Life from October to December.”  Lines are paraphrased except where noted “verbatim.” 959 more words

I'm Broken

I’m staring in disbelief.

The letters in a screen in front of me.

What is going on?

Tears streaming down my face.

Words forming images in my head. 20 more words


Cool Yule

Wishing you all a merry and bright Christmas, and brightest blessings for the Yuletide.

Yule is one of the two solstices in the turning of the years wheel, where the daylight hours stop decreasing and begin to lengthen. 508 more words



Hail and welcome to the Mad Rabbits BroomCloset. EllaMad here at your service. Why a broom closet you ask? why that’s where a witch keeps all her best secrets. 307 more words


From machine spirits and Naga's childhood

Been thinking about the plot and backgrounds the past few days. After the pain in my teeth and jaw got less and I was able of thinking again. 1,888 more words