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Bracelets for Maeve project update (please consider donating or re-posting!)

I have a lot of people out there who have recently chosen to follow my blog. Thanks, everyone.

I am working on a project called Bracelets for Maeve. 202 more words


Of Blood and Stone

Mountains and stones her bones

her bones the memories of all things from her born

a record kept that is pure

All tales told for souls to have known… 68 more words


Modern Goddess


She carved her own face in the faces of others

Eyes blinded by blood, they could no longer look upon her

And she wept. 26 more words


Introductory post

This place has been inactive. But from now on, no more. This is my first introductory post. Here.


Smruthi Kiran Srivatsa. Thats me. Im 17, I live in India. 261 more words


Goddess Moon

Goddess Moon

Without work, without rest,
I linger years from home.
A flash warning:
and it is not the weather
and it is not an omen. 226 more words


Dream Awake

This is the picture of my dream-awake catcher.  Initially it was my house catcher, as I had used it to catch a new house we bought a little over a year ago.  294 more words



Sniff the roses one more time

Wipe the work surface clean

Click the keyboard keys line by line

Vent departmental spleen

The red-tailed hawk spirals high above… 112 more words