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My Inquiry to the Comfort Goddess

Where were we now
Whilst the ripe young
Starve in the rain?

Where was your heartbeat
The morning I drifted from shore
And lost the blue… 30 more words


(Meet Mago Contributor) Gloria Manthos

Gloria Denice Manthos travels by any means necessary.  She writes, sings, dances, plays music, and climbs trees. She lives without air conditioning and chain smokes while contemplating love. 137 more words


The Dedication Ritual

The Dedication Ritual

Posted on August 18, 2014 by ladyoftheabyss

The Dedication Ritual

Ritual portion from Celtic Magic by D. J. Conway

(special tools: chalice of wine, white taper candle in cauldron, piece of magical jewelry, perfumed oil) 601 more words


(Essay 2) The Power of Metaphor: Spelling Ourselves, Our World by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

A Functional Cosmology and Metaphor

Cosmologist Brian Swimme has said that

to become fully mature as human persons, we must bring to life within ourselves the dynamics that fashioned the cosmos … That is our task: to create the human form of the central powers of the cosmos.

1,884 more words

The Goddess of the Future Fates

The Gods in Asgard seemed to sleep
Or turn their minds away
As Danish widows moan and weep
The Noki dance and sway

They sought to change the fate of men… 621 more words

Being Human.

One Friggin' Embrace

This poem was written in response to John Beckett’s Nurturing Polytheism. (Here’s a nurturing goddess for you, John!) Imagery of Frigg is adapted from Diana Paxson’s… 75 more words