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A Rose By Any Other Name...

The news just gets more and more…well, annoying and speculative, full of propaganda…the usual. ChatterMaster and Strawberryindigo, I know you guys will get me on this one. 726 more words

(Essay) Equinox @ EarthGaia by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

At 2:29 UT on September 23rd – as it is commonly measured – our planet Earth will arrive at the second point of balance of light and dark in Her annual orbit around our Star: and for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere it is Spring, the time often traditionally named as Eostar for Earth-based religious practices (which was adopted as Easter in Christian practice in the Northern Hemisphere in the Middle Ages). 1,387 more words


Ostara (Souhern Hemisphere) - Mabon (Northern Hemisphere)

To us in the Southern Hemisphere I wish you a blessed Ostara as we move into Spring.


This festival is named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre, also known in Old German as Ostara. 828 more words


(Art) Black Madonna Redeems the Snake by Yvonne Lucia

Artist statement:

The Black Madonna is an archetype understood by many scholars to be related to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis.  Her legacy is marked by passionate identification with the oppressed and with values of justice with compassion, equality, and transformation. 191 more words


(Poem) Under a Full Moon by Michael Brautigan

A star and the moon through

bamboo blinds and even

the dogs stir and mumble

from their beds, and I

have to get up and tell… 354 more words


(Meet Mago Contributor) Michael Brautigan

Michael Brautigan is a freelance writer, poet, literary scholar, and political activist who lived most of his life in and around the Bay Area.  For over a decade he lived in Berkeley where he enjoyed both studying and participating in community awareness groups and activism before graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature.  163 more words