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The art of doing nothing...

Is really something.

Traveling is discoverning new worls.  I travel do do nothing…


One Dark Moon

One dark moon floated over us


and two mourning doves hooted like owls.

Thirteen more moons went by


while one life sat still. 32 more words


Author Cate Masters Wants to Empower Women to “Follow Their Bliss”

Cate Masters not just writes, but concocts stories. Her books combine magic, mayhem, and romance. She writes fantasy, historical, contemporary, and speculative fiction.


(Essay 3) The Old Sow by Hearth Moon Rising

Read Meet Mago Contributor Hearth Moon Rising.

The Hebrew prohibition against pork was a product of the agricultural realities of the Levant. While Egypt and Mesopotamia were able to amass large stores of grain that could outlast prolonged drought, the harvest in this region was sparse and uncertain. 1,159 more words


Standing at the Crossroads, Part V: The Names of Hermes and Hekate

Edit: These are my notes on what I think I want to use as Divine Names in the Crossroads ritual I am attempting to create for Hermes and Hekate. 3,344 more words

(Poem) Scrying on the Moon by Laurie Corzett

Meet Mago Contributor, Laurie Corzett.

~twilight of the goddess, call to song to aery dancing, lady fair your fiery trance rewinds our souls; enjoy these offerings of fancy: all art is yours ~ 347 more words


The Stake Reading Club: Goddesses in The Girl in the Road

by Catherine Eaton

“Yemaya, can it truly be you?” Mariama’s narrative opens with a cry to an African goddess. The Girl in the Road is littered with callbacks to fabulous Eastern goddesses. 585 more words