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(Poem) Salvator Feminus by Gloria Manthos

No plaisance, all innocence lost

The reality of the beast

makes the grandeur of real men

even more mythical.


a myth itself,

legendary- the boundary which separates man from animal. 174 more words



by Gena Reyes

Hecate Associations:

Death, intuitive wisdom, dreams, divination, witchcraft, transition, guardian of child birth, spiritual guide, guardian of doors and gateways, guardian of cross roads, patroness of sailors, fishers and travelers, warriors, athletes, hunters and herders. 1,952 more words


(Special Post 7) Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality?

Kaalii Cargill:

Life emerges from the Feminine: Woman, Nature, Goddess.

When we value the life-giving power of the Feminine we are less likely to kill other human beings who have been held in a mother’s arms. 1,431 more words


AEDM - Day 23 - Forty Two

Art Every Day Month – Day 23 – Forty Two

That’s the number of years ago I did this drawing.  I was deep into exploring my abilities with figurative art.   244 more words


Getting Started

Hello. This year, 2014 – 2015, I’m doing the 20% project with my sophomore English class. For my 20% project I chose to draw multiple myths using several sheets of paper for each myths. 276 more words

20% Project

(Prose poem) My Three Grandmothers by Mary Saracino

1. Immacolata

The Boss we called her, though in life her authority barely reached beyond the aroma-stained walls of her over-worked kitchen. She came to America from Puglia in 1920, seven months pregnant with my father. 1,270 more words


(Poem and art) Softly by Rose Aiello Morales and Victor Hernández

Sing softly,

a song to make them stand,

perhaps they’ll listen, baying noiseless in the night,

music has its charms, the savage breast contains staccato beats. 234 more words