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Aset-Serqet is Aset as the scorpion and a healer against poison. Some Kemetics view Serqet as a hypostasis or a specialized form of Aset and others view this as a syncretic deity. 715 more words


(Art) Crow Mother by Lydia Ruyle

Crow Mother is the mother of all the katsinas who are spirits of the Hopi universe. The Hopi, which means peace, believe all beings in the universe carry energy. 206 more words


Seven Bees

Something in the shape of your mouth
Makes me want to bow to a biological imperative
I’ve spent my life dodging: Not to make babies, 246 more words


Fickle Fate

Or “I was feeling lazy and never got past the working title, but it’s been a bad day so have some excuses for my laziness.” 1,426 more words


The daughters of Saraswati

I recently went for a viewing of the film Girl Rising. It is an inspiring documentary (that everybody should see!) about nine brave young women from different parts of the world. 481 more words


Getting to know the Gods and Goddesses: Nyx (Goddess of Night)

Nyx was the goddess of night. Her name, synonymous with Night, describes how her dark light falls from the stars and she dictates to men and also to the gods. 627 more words

(Easter Essay 2) The Secret of the Sacred Garden: The Garden of Eden and the Orchard of the Virgin by Harita Meenee

To trace the connection between the gardens of Aphrodite and Adonis on the one hand and the garden of the Resurrection on the other, we have to examine if the cult of Adonis was ever prevalent in Palestine. 1,581 more words