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          “You can have a quarter if you win this game of chess,” the afterschool program employee tells me. At the age of eight, I’ll do anything to own my own little piece of capital, because to me this signifies “adulthood” and “being a big girl”. 638 more words

How could this day begin and end so as?!

My Morning
At noon today I was awakened by the phone ringing and I really did not want to go off, because that could make my parents or younger siblings, because they were already up, but when after a while still rang the phone, because it seemed no one but me to hear it, I still went off. 740 more words

France Day 19 - Marraiiine

Visite de Véronique (ma marraine) & JeanPierre à Nantua!
Veronique (my godmother) & jeanpierre visit us in nantua!

Isabelle adore les escargots!
She loves snails already, such a frenchie! 30 more words


6 Woodside Drive

I am not one to lecture anyone on the topic of family values.  Up until a year ago, my career as an academic was priority number one.  436 more words

Personal Observation

Poppy Seed Bread

Hello Everyone!
Happy Friday! The recipe I’m sharing today is for poppy seed bread. This recipe was given to my mom by her best friend/my godmother over 25 years ago as a housewarming gift. 148 more words

childhood home

Back in May I was over in Germany for a few visits and family functions. While I was there I stayed a few nights with my godmother in the house I lived in as a child. 72 more words


A Letter To My Godson

Dear baby Noah,

In just over a week we will be standing with your parents in front of God, me holding you tightly in my arms. 535 more words

Just Because