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J.K. Walker delivers a humorous tale of a orphaned WereSnowLeopard in ‘Glacial Eyes’. Jasmine “Jazz” Bedeau lost her parents at 14 and was raised by her Godmother from that point, but what her Godmother never knew is that Jasmine’s mother was a Chinese WereSnowLeopard and her father was not a mere mortal either.  363 more words


My Godmother

My Godmother

She only had one mother
She only had one father
Her mother told her that “I had a best friend in college
She is your godmother” 249 more words


Gay Parents and Presidential Godmother

Argentina’s leader, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has become godmother to the child of a lesbian couple who was baptised in a Catholic church.


Pride goeth before a fall

Greetings, readers. What a beautiful day it is in State College. I’m enjoying the sunshine and was out and about early, before a 10:30 meeting. It was with a social worker who is extremely caring and took plenty of time to answer all of my questions. 311 more words


Happy Birthday Anita!

I’m late (her birthday was several days ago) but I wanted to tell you guys about one of the best people I know.

When Geoff and I were trying to choose a godmother for Alex, we had originally chosen a woman we both knew who was very important to us at the time, who later backed out. 378 more words

Baby A

30th March - Mother's Day/First Day of Summer

Question: How can it be the first day of Summer when it was only bloomin’ Spring beginning a few weeks ago?! I think it has something to do with the clocks going forwards and gaining an hour extra of daylight. 1,225 more words


The Nouna

The love that I have for this little man is indescribable, even though at times, I do try to describe it as best I can. As much as I love Gavin, there are plenty of family members that feel this same tug at the heart every time they see Gavin or even talk about him.  130 more words