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Thunder and Lightning

As clouds gather in the distance

I anticipate the coming storm

looking forward to the mother nature’s fireworks

the rumbling and grumbling of the Gods… 110 more words

Creative Writing

Polytheism: Soft or Hard?

I’m truly surprised by how much this blog has prompted me to reevaluate things I thought I had already figured out. Of course I will always be learning new things, but I wasn’t exactly expecting a silly blog to prompt a sudden rehaul of my identity. 495 more words


The worst possible thing to be the Greek God of (642 project)


Chairs. It absolutely sucks. No one worships you, but nearly everyone from the lowest peasants to the High King and barons of Attica and the head of the Assembly uses you and yet none of them appreciate you. 278 more words


The Masculine Divine

I’m planning to write more about this topic after I’ve read The Witches’ God, by the Farrars. Until then, I thought this would be a good time to share my thoughts, as it’s something I feel strongly about. 1,623 more words