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My Thoughts on Loki's "new popularity"

Just a warning, this ISN’T a bash on Loki nor his wives/husbands/children ect. I myself am trying to build a relationship with him, so no I’m not bashing his followers. 463 more words


Let the Sparks Fly Baby..

Yet again, I was listening to Songza on a weird rap-metal station. Well, I heard the song start and I was like “Oh lordey..” I was  584 more words


Red, Beautiful Red..

Red, beautiful red..

The color of Your hair,

of Your soul,

of Your love.

Red, beautiful red..

The color of my blood,

of my heart, 29 more words


Fireworks For Loki

I love fireworks (something I share with my young god-daughter who can’t get enough of them). It was actually my god-daughter who first got me to associate fireworks and sparklers with Loki.

527 more words

Meditation, Dreams, and Confusion

Let me just start off saying I’ve been getting hit by signs everytime I turn around. I said I would meditate two days ago and about an hour after I said that, my wifi derped for  about 30 minutes. 674 more words


Clue By Fours! Oh so many..

Oh Loki.. Why are you here, why are signs pointing to you? I do not even follow anything Norse! Why are you here..?

I’ve been reading a lot about Loki and Lokeans, well I’ve noticed a bit of a pattern and I’ve noticed all the signs one usually notices before Loki shows up like, “Hey! 381 more words


No, Really... Cut That Out.

So, I was looking for a picture to print out for my altar – For Anpu. Anyways I found this picture. It’s GREAT. Haha! I just love it so much, it’s like stop your shenanigans.