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Interview with L. Blankenship- Disciple V

As followers of the Independent Bookworm may know, we occasionally snare an unsuspecting indie author, luring them to the unspeakable horrors of our donjon for interrogation. 1,135 more words

About Writing

Ask And Ye Shall...

I had been trying to get everything back into a shrine for quite a while, but just didn’t have the space or tools to dedicate an area to Dionysos.   346 more words


By the River Styx

Olivia had spent many days wandering amongst rows of headstones in Cornelian Bay Cemetery, and beyond until the path ended at the River Derwent. Her mother had warned her of the river, once known as the River Styx, but Olivia figured mum had been put off more by thoughts of grave robbers, men with evil appetites and explicit intentions. 799 more words

Flash Fiction

Hera Be Dragons

Over the edge, Over again.

Darkness envelops physicality, while sentience wanders free and unhindered.

The curse of the left lifted.

These beautiful molecular genii…

A friend of mine is recording me singing on one of his tunes tonight. 391 more words


Fatal Lust, Fatal Consequences

‘What is left when honour is lost?’
Publilius Syrus

To love and be loved is the greatest desire every person hopes to have. It is human nature, written in our DNA since the conception of people.

685 more words

Promo & Teasers: Charming Selene-Dee King


And a Choice that will change her life forever.

I was just an ordinary teenager with a massive crush. Alex is the cutest guy in school, but her hardly knows I exist. 134 more words

YA Books

ARC Review: Moonfall-Vanessa Morton


3/5 Stars

***I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley and WEbook Publishing.

“Evil is not a private thing a man does in his own house. 1,831 more words

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