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What Jesus did on the cross showed not only His great love for all sinners, but most of all–His greatest love for the Heavenly Father–His own Father.
(Romans 5:8; John 14:31)


Unconditional Love In Perspective

Pull up an online Bible website and search for the term “unconditional” to pull up verses where God talks about His unconditional love.

There aren’t any. 2,551 more words

Common Misconceptions

The Doctrine of Salvation - Part 6

III. Redemption

A. Redemption defined means to redeem or to purchase back. To pay a ransom. To rescue from loss.

Illustration #1. If you lost something that was yours and you had to buy it back, that would be redemption. 628 more words

God's Truth

Experiencing God's Love

To this day I am surprised by it.  Are you?  It is the one thing that you and I have the greatest need for but we look for it in all the wrong places.   463 more words

God's Love

Love and Protection

First I want to start by thanking God for the protection that he has put over my life, the close friends who have helped me and the church family that he has given me. 529 more words

Gods Love

“What if God won’t take me back?” (Guidance for Prodigal Christians)

At what point does God refuse to take the prodigal Christian back? At what point will we be greeted with a cold shoulder instead of a warm embrace by our heavenly Father? 1,307 more words

God's Forgiveness

Rescued by Love

It is said that love is what makes the world go around.  Indeed, love is the fuel that you and I need daily to get us up in the morning and to keep us motivated through the myriad of challenges we encounter each day.   660 more words

God's Love