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Love...what is it?

In our societies and the cultures all over the world today, love is expressed in many different ways. Some of it is expressed in the way that we understand and sometimes it is expressed  far differently. 549 more words

God Cares For You

Overwhelmed and Wondering?

I have confessed many times before about my OCD/Type A personality style. It certainly has its pros and cons. Yes, my sink is usually dish free, but my heart can struggle without a clear list from God about how to live the life He has called me too. 682 more words

Are we there yet?

Did you ever hear this from your kids? I know that nearly every parent has heard it a few times. So what about all of us who live in the world today? 511 more words

God Cares For You

Wind Brings Hope

Wind blows across my face
And I embrace the love of God
That comes with it.
It’s no mystery
That God’s love travels with the wind. 92 more words


Too much information

Our world, and our everyday lives are drowning under a tidal wave of information. Some, we don’t truly need and some is just too repulsive to look at or read and yet we see it on the news and television, on the Internet and in our homes. 722 more words

God Cares For You

Are you happy?

I have been down or depressed the past couple of weeks but I decided that it is time to let God handle that and get on with my life. 675 more words

God Cares For You

May 31st: His Love

Morning all!

Just on the train on my way to work while I write this. Just wanted to send you through something that I want us to take with us today. 190 more words