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Perspective in Crisis

Has God left the building?  Why are bad things happening to me?  Why did you allow that?  These are common questions from a people who don’t always understand our circumstances.  409 more words

Marc Kinna


Another of my posts recently made it onto another Christian devotional website.  You can start reading and link to this post below!

The best running advice I ever received was given to me before I became a runner. 85 more words

God's Presence

Practice in the Presence of God

Who is your best friend?

This is one of mine.  Tara. 

Here’s a question- what it is it about that person that makes them your  495 more words


What a gift I received this morning...from God...through Andy Otto at dotMagis

What a gift this blogosphere is or can be. I have struggled in my recent months of busy-ness, feeling guilty about not spending more time in prayer and contemplation, not spending more time here. 190 more words

God's Presence

Being present with God in the world

Upon awaking today I intended to focus on ‘being present.’ It is challenging for me. I can be adept for a while at a sort of consciousness that acknowledges God in my midst and then find that, little by little, I’ve fallen away. 485 more words

God's Presence

Vision: Big Tall Doors II

This vision started a few days ago and since in the past I have revisited a particular vision over and over and watch it evolve each time, this time I decided to revisit those Big Tall Doors into God’s presence that I saw 3-4 days ago. 191 more words


Stay Or Go?

The people wanted Jesus to stay. They were amazed at his teaching, and their diseases were being healed. They probably would have made him king. People from all over, from many nations, were flocking to Jesus. 325 more words

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