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Spoonfuls of joy

Regardless of what’s on your menu this year, choose spoonfuls of joy!

I pray that your Thanksgiving is spent in a bit of God’s presence when your eyes open at the start of your day.   215 more words


Let Thanksgiving do its Work

I’m taking a couple of posts to talk about Thanksgiving from Psalm 118. In my last post I talked about how Christ has opened the gates of righteousness. 480 more words



Recently, I have encountered a lie that is expressed in rather subtle ways within Christian tradition.  It comes in many forms and variations, but the sentiment is the same: 135 more words


Why doesn't God show Himself?

In the course of atheist blogging, this idea keeps coming up that suggests “if God wants me to follow Him, He’ll prove Himself to me.” First of all, the evidence of God’s existence is all around us. 571 more words

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I couldn't have written such a brilliant explanation of "God Is Everywhere" if I tried. I would love to start a spiritual discussion via this post. What are your thoughts on faith, the existence of God, whether you can personally know Him, etc?

On the Top of My Thanksgiving List

On the Top of My Thanksgiving List

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. Every year at Thanksgiving I like to stop for a minute, take a little time to myself, and think about the many blessings of the year. 684 more words


What is a prayer of invocation?

In many churches the prayer of invocation begins the worship service. We begin worship by asking God to be with us. It makes sense.

In the past few weeks, I have encountered my first argument against the prayer of invocation: God is already here among us, so why are we implying otherwise with a prayer of invocation? 686 more words

The Other Day In Church...

Sermon from a newbie

So for some crazy reason, I got it in my head last month to do the sermon in church this weekend.  My family came to support me in giving the sermon and I could feel the love and support throughout the congregation all day.   1,775 more words