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What if Nothing Ever Changes?

“You don’t know what I’ve been through!” It’s the plaintive cry of many of us when we’re told to be content. As if there were a special category of troubles that exempts a sufferer from contentment. 886 more words


Ho-Hum Ordinary? Never!

His name keeps popping up in books and blog posts: Andrew Murray.

His words are thought-provoking:

  • “Never try to arouse faith from within. You cannot stir up faith from the depths of your heart.
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God's Provision

I felt the need to share a story today.  I’m not going to share any pictures (you’ll understand why in a little bit) but I hope that doesn’t deter you from reading this! 630 more words


“God sent me,” know something?

Still challenged when I hear,

Or, “God told me to do this…”

Not that I doubt of fear. 156 more words


I am the Lord your God

Since the creation of human kind, people have looked to all sorts of sources and gods. In many pluralistic cultures, people seek/worship different gods that they believe provide or rule over different things they need ranging from fertility, finance and provision, weather and so on. 196 more words

Why A Shepherd?

“The LORD is my shepherd…  So begins one of the most loved, and best known passages in all of the Bible.  True to the saying, “it takes one to know one,” Psalm 23 was written about 3,000 years ago by a shepherd who later became a king, David, son of Jesse of Bethlehem. 454 more words


This may be Harder, but God is still Good

Today I awoke excited to welcome my new microwave oven at my new house. God had provided for it. I had filled out a customer survey on how I felt my realtors had done. 641 more words