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Christmas: Christ Mass or Mess?

Christmas. The first syllable surely needs no explanation of origin. It speaks of the One we celebrate.

But what about the second syllable, -mas?

Christmas… 498 more words

Joke's on YOU

Meet my enemy, Satan. Yes, he exists. The Bible says so in John 10:10 “the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy”. His job, his occupation, his work is to actively oppose me. 681 more words


Pie, Peanut Butter Balls and Plans

I am feeling giddy tonight with news from our placing agency! Looking back at our timeline, it seems like we have been wading in these beginning stages for so long! 712 more words


Thing-a-ma-bob, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about the difference between the importance of things and the importance of relationships in our lives, and how losing someone – my daughter, Samantha – so early made me stop to think more about how things get in the way of enjoyment of life – my own and the lives of my loved ones. 1,307 more words


Living Paycheck To Paycheck

How about your pay check?  Does it last until the next one or does it run out and you always end up falling short and needing more? 1,293 more words

God's Provision

Tumble Weed Christmas

I took a short drive down to Kansas yesterday to purchase some fabric; I’m making quilts for the grand kids for Christmas. However, I am finding that home-made isn’t necessarily… 599 more words

Continuing on "Trusting in the Provider"

Ever since I posted my blog this morning, my mind has been bombarded with this one central thought:

Replace ‘what if’ with ‘even if’

No need to worry, “What if everything breaks all at once?”  Instead, “Even if everything breaks all at once, God will provide.” 143 more words