it is nice to have good uplifting dare I say a little wild praise music in church. I really am for it .But you knew there was a but coming didn’t you go on admitted it. 55 more words

Gods World

Take Devil Worshiping Someplace Else, Beyonce

“Tell them to take their devil worship someplace other than God’s world,” a voice just said, talking about Beyonce and people promoting their marriage as happy to attract customers to their business when the marriage is Godless, like… 209 more words

Human Potential

almost there

Well folks we are just one away from 30 people liking his word radio. not many you say to us it’s marvelous . please listen to the station and if you want like us.  following is were to go! 8 more words

Gods World



Enough of the noise

Enough of the chatter

The bitching and like

Nothing seems to matter

I have to leave

I tell you now… 168 more words


nice day?

Do you think it’s a nice day? or is it not so nice. you know each day is as good or bad as we make it. 38 more words

Gods World

God is in Iraq....

What terrible news has been coming out of Iraq for the past few weeks, and finally the world media has caught up.  Christians, who have had a faithful presence in Iraq since the 1st century are being killed, threatened, ethnically cleansed, taken into slavery, and driven out, along with other minority faith or ethnic groups. 357 more words