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I wish I didn’t notice things like I do. I was reading the blog of a girl on tumblr. She had/has a very close, personal relationship with her deity. 671 more words

Graeco-Roman mythology...

has nothing on the Ancient Egyptians. A longer period of time and larger frame of reference, interaction with non-Egyptians and politics all mean that my respect for good Egyptologists has just risen ten-fold.


The gods had finished playing with Tess.

Tess of the d’Urbervilles,Oxford University Press, p. 119.

No. 317

photo credit: http://htfisker.com
I have just been sent this amazing photograph by the incomparable Hanne. T. Fisker and dearly hope I have done it justice. I may go to sleep, awake with new eyes and start again. 131 more words


Ganesh plushie

I saw this at Half Price Books and couldn’t resist. They also had Frida Kahlo, Einstein, Andy Warhol, and Che Guevara.