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God-of-Death is not here

Story no. 31. Hey, I was in Ireland, cut me a break.

Ifrid felt in her bones the moment God-of-Judgment set foot into her stepfather’s hall. 1,382 more words


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The Land of the Gods.

The Land of the Gods.

Otago Witness , Issue 2725, 30 May 1906, Page 85


With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand


Fascinating Stories about Lord Shiva Ep IV : Kotwal of Kashi

The city of Kashi is famous for the shrine of Kaal Bhairav, the kotwal of Kashi or the policeman of Varanasi. His presence evokes fear, no different from some of our policemen. 477 more words


Fascinating Stories about Lord Shiva Ep III : Shiva's fight with Narasimha avatara

Perhaps one of the least known stories about Shiva is his fight with Narasimha avatara of Lord Vishnu in the form of Sharabha. One version says he killed Narasimha! 264 more words


Dark Night (interlude)

To be a pilgrim, you must crumble like a great stone tower, hewn blocks tumbled-down to build the old cottages that have ruined you.

Flesh and leaves of your soul must rot underfoot into the forests through which you travel… 99 more words


Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Written a while ago, but true today with different faiths that believe that THEIR god is the only one around. I find it so hard to believe that humans can think that on Earth, people exist with different gods sharing Earth with its inhabitants. 211 more words

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