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While doing research for my current story, I came across an interesting website that I’d like to share: Godchecker.  It’s a neat little encyclopedia of various gods from diverse pantheons, and you can search not only by name, but also by role, which makes it extremely useful for finding who the correct god or goddess to reference is.   122 more words



I remember only that I woke up startled and sat up on the bed like a spring.  It must have been three or four in the morning. 1,853 more words


Working out the Kalash spirituality. 1992.

Dezeladezow? (Pardegarow?)   –   supreme god?

Dasgorala   –  local Krakal god?

Sachigore   – local Rumbor god? Also means ‘disease’?

Warine       –  local Birer god?

Mahadeu    –  god of health? 213 more words

Speak To The Gods - Himachal's way of life.

With a culture as diverse as its landscape, Himachal has local Gods and Goddesses dutifully worshiped by the residents.

In fact every village has its own deity and all the villagers believe the Gods protect them and their property.The village Gods sometimes the revered ancestors or from the fabled Myths much like the living Gods speak to the priests, go on pilgrimage or get happy or angry. 78 more words

Himachal Pradesh

Why the coral is stained red where-the-coral-is-stained-red

Ulauunui took his wife to the seashore during the kapu.  He took limu that the chief had made kapu and fed it to his wife, whereuon she turned into a fish and fell into the ocea to stay alive. 67 more words