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Gods and Senses: A Philosophical Question - a la Cheech and Chong

They were traveling from Oregon to California along the beautiful I-5 corridor.  Mt. Shasta arrogantly took up the entire horizon on the southeast skyline.  One of them was driving; the other was rolling a bar. 1,188 more words

What can a man know of the gods?

from The Apple and the Thorn
Chapter Two: Arriving in Avalon

The wind howling around me raises doubts about the wisdom of coming here. As far as I know, no one lives on this island, though the Lady and her priestesses come often to seek the wisdom and comfort of the Holy Springs. 117 more words


Pele's song

Pele did not often visit Kauai or Oahu, preferring to spend her time in her great estates in the Kona part of the island of Hawaii, where she had many baths designed for her comfort and attention. 47 more words


Music Dose~ Comeback Edition

JYJ COMEBACK! Fangirls UNITEXDDDD. Anyways, this post is dedicated to the long waited comeback by JYJ for a good three years. I didn’t expect to enjoy their comeback this much but nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised~ The mv also went above and beyond in terms of looks and presentation wise. 12 more words

The Pantheon Part 1

Thor stood atop a mountain of bodies. Three gods stood behind him. A smile slowly grew across his face, he had won.

Two Years earlier: Zeus ruler of all gods was growing weary. 328 more words


At the Zenith of Summer

I sat in quiet resignation at a table in a secret garden at the zenith of summer to attempt a consultation with the Powers That Be; those illusive forces without names that seem to play at our strings as we are marionettes, dancing, loving, losing, fighting, killing, succeeding and failing without fail. 266 more words