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Cardinal Dolan & Gays

The Catholic Church has been in the news lately alongside Gays, but for a good reason. After decades or being banned, gay groups will now be allowed to march at the St. 593 more words


Gods Pocket (2014) 720p WEB-DL 600MB

Story:When Mickey’s crazy step-son Leon is killed in a construction ‘accident’, nobody in the working class neighborhood of God’s Pocket is sorry he’s gone. Mickey tries to bury the bad news with the body, but when the boy’s mother demands the truth, Mickey finds himself stuck in a life-and-de… … 16 more words

Godly Pantheons

There are a lot of places to draw writing inspiration from.  Real life and dreams being the top for myself.  My daily experiences are often varied and interesting enough to bring forth some rather inspired writings.   481 more words


Thrud - Daughter of Thor & Sif

It’s pretty weird there’s not much on the internet about this goddess, what with her being the daughter of Norse God Thor. You know, the one with the big hammer and luscious hair? 103 more words

Tarpeia - heroine or betrayer?

Tarpeia was the daughter of the Commander of the Capitoline fortress in Rome. From what I’ve read of this interesting woman, there are two possible sides to her story. 101 more words



By Santeria Church of the Orishas

Yemaya (also spelled Yemoja, Iemoja, or Yemayá) is one of the most powerful orishas in Santeria. She is the mother of all living things, rules over motherhood and owns all the waters of the Earth. 1,197 more words

Belief System


What is it about the belief in a patently non-existent deity (aka god) that seems to convince some people that violence and murder are both perfectly all right and acceptable. 301 more words