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the Sea God

You’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes.

            The air around you is full of amiable, yet distant chatter: couples meeting, families stopping in the shade to rest, children cavorting around the statue. 375 more words



(I’m posting The Gods Defense in parts again because I’ve changed a lot to accommodate turning it into a full length book, and I want to start posting the new parts and have them make sense.  898 more words

My Writing

You Are Vulcan

When a person is told they cannot do something, a flame is ignited.

For some, the flame quickly grows out of control until it has engulfed their life and everyone else’s. 509 more words


Ordo Salutis, the Order of Salvation; Part IV


    Here we are at point number 6 in the Order of Salvation, Adoption. The bible is full of references to “God’s Children and Children of God.” If God is the creator of all are not all mankind his children? 952 more words

The Gods Among Us ~ Noragami

“Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all.”

A lost cat, a strange encounter and a bus. 582 more words


Directions, Part I

As a grad student taking two translation workshops and teaching two drill sections (first-year Japanese ), I don’t have a lot of time for writing. What I can do, and have been doing since… 2,135 more words
Long Fiction

The dreams we have often make us see some sort of illusionary scenes that are particularly related with some sort of some complexion that we tend to overcome with some thinking of our own.

58 more words