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“We Luciferians are not saints, nor do we have the habit of turning the other cheek when someone attack us, so today I will talk about a controversial topic, but rarely addressed. 915 more words


He's Winning Me Over

Soappary is an atheist, and one who is is passionate about his atheism to a extreme. He fervently believes no god exists, and will refute any claim that a god created him, or that a god rules him. 477 more words

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Farun Stories: Sallith's Failure (Part Six)

This storyline is the convergence of Juxxa and Bastard Brother. It runs alongside Little Miss Mirek. Homak and Reginald take a detour deep underground to escape the heat.  538 more words


Windemere Excerpts: Meeting of the Gods

Coming in 2nd place are the Gods of Windemere.  Again, keep in mind that I’m scheduling these posts.  As I type this intro, it is November 1st and I’m going to be tackling the final edits in a few days.  860 more words


Jack Bauer and Jesus- you're not alone!

The overarching narrative of Jack Bauer’s life could be summed up in the following phrase, doing whatever it takes at all costs to get the job done. 454 more words


Photo 101: Triumph


Triumph is rejoice over a success or victory

Let’s celebrate, good over evil, saint in glory

Lord Ram defeated the ten head Ravana

You must have heard this mythological story… 42 more words