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(Earlier parts are linked on the Amie’s Fiction page.  I’m working on turning this into a full novel and have revised a lot of it to accommodate a longer and more involved story.) 713 more words

My Writing

Curses and Demons

How Curses Come and Demons Enter
By Michael Fackerell, 2007

Curses take root in the same way that demons enter. It may be that in the case of some curses, demons don’t go inside the person, but somehow attach themselves to them anyway. 1,926 more words

Belief System


wayward Gods
adoption clinic
none welcome

7th Installment of Obeah

“We have been fighting with the Bokors a long time, they would raid our food, steal our animals, but that was not the worst of it, some of the kids were taken and we were never able to get them back. 1,520 more words


John 1:12-13 Tells Me So

I am a product of God’s plan,

Not a product of human’s plan,

So this is what I choose to believe,

This comes from him so I believe. 66 more words


Why Do We Write?

We write because the blank piece of paper and the pen are there. We write because this is our addiction and we are proud of it. 84 more words


The God View

Sometimes, to get a good view on what’s going on, and to get a good laugh, you have to take a step back from a story. 509 more words