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First Impressions - Luftrausers

First Impressions is basically what it says on the tin; what I think of a game after playing the first few hours.

Created by Vlambeer and Devolver Digital, Luftrausers is a 2D flying shoot ‘em up based around the concept of customization of your aircraft. 333 more words


WATCH: Dogs Stoned After Vet

Ever see your dog high from anesthesia after coming home from the vet? Here is an awesome compilation of stoned dogs… –Jax


Sources for software in Debian

Because obviously the only usable Debian is Debian stable, sometimes it might be problematic to get the newest versions of software. Here are the best sources of functional (and if needed, fresh) programs, listed in order from the one you should use first (lowest number), to the one you should use only if there is absolutely no other way (highest number). 307 more words


Summer is For PC Gaming

If you still think the Summer months are slow for gamers, you’re not looking hard enough. Here’s why Summer is great (for PC Gaming).

GOG Adds DRM-Free Movies to Catalog

We’re only a couple of weeks removed from a bit of Steam datamining revealing that it looks like Valve will be adding movie sales (among other media) to the platform. 311 more words

Business Of Gaming

Where DRM Is And Isn't annoying (IMO)

There wasn’t much to bring up this subject recently other than the redesign over at GoodOldGames, but I just realized I never talked extensively about DRM here. 1,525 more words


Dear Diary ... of Gaming: Asterbreed.

I am reminded of two things:

(1) Bullet hell shooters have a duly earned name.

(2)I suck at bullet hell shooters.

The game is about some chicks, that get somethinged and then end up as the operating system for a couple of mechs. 379 more words