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Watching Me, Watching You, Watching Us

Like most that watch it (I’m guessing) and against my better judgement, I’ve grown very fond of Gogglebox, the Channel 4 show that basically watches people watching TV, and that’s it. 702 more words

Opinion Piece

38. Passion Project: TV

I think one of the main reasons I’ve decided to pursue a career in the sector of Mass Communications is because I love watching tv programs, although I don’t watch them on tv, for I find my own ways, but I’ve always wanted to be involved in the business of entertainment in some capacity. 517 more words

So true, funny how it seems

The season finale of HBO’s True Detective on Sky Atlantic towered imposingly over my telly-watching week; however, those in self-imposed exile who don’t have Sky won’t have seen this initially mind-blowing and even towards the more conventional ending superbly acted Southern Gothic whodunit, so… 70 more words

Telly Addict

Oggling over Gogglebox

I’ve only recently discovered Gogglebox and I imagine it is how people feel when they find Jesus. When you describe Gogglebox to non goggleboxers (did I just coin a word?), it is a show where you watch people watch television, it sounds bleak but it’s not. 224 more words


Gogglebox for a BAFTA

For those of you who ‘follow’ my posts, you will know that I am lover of reality TV. But there is a new phenomena that has hit my TV screen on a Friday night. 490 more words


Why You Have to Watch Gogglebox!

As many of us on a Friday night we are either getting ready for a night out, or doing something spontaneous as the weekend is finally here after the long five days of counting down, but for some of us it is too catch the next episode of Gogglebox. 691 more words

Get GoT

This week’s Telly Addict does not feature the first episode of the new season of Game Of Thrones, which, after weeks of hype, went out on Sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday morning (or Sunday night, if you prefer), to sync with the US premiere on HBO. 85 more words

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