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Are We On The Wrong Path?

The history channel recently had a show on about ‘the end of the world.’ It talked about how several native peoples, including the Hopi and Aztec, believe people are living against Mother Nature. 148 more words


A new green wave

A few pioneering businesses are developing “sustainability policies” worthy of the name.

A new green wave




In more general terms, sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes.I think I first knew about that word in some form from my track coach when I was running cross country. 1,482 more words

Going Green

What Quality Assurance Can Do For You

Quality Assurance helps ensure you do things right the first time. However, none of us is perfect. When we do things right the first time, we reduce our costs, increase our productivity, create a greener product or service, and increase customer satisfaction. 386 more words


Hobbit Day the expanded addition!

I did a post on Hobbit Day and how it came about in my house as a teenager a year or so ago but I thought I would expand on the idea. 1,577 more words

Easy Recipe

Bring On The Food.

My moving to San Francisco is causing a great deal of salivation in my mouth as I reminisce about all the succulent dishes I’ve tasted. Burritos are causing me to think about my times engulfing a large one then following it up with a chaser of beer while drowning out my sorrows for the day in a loud bar. 322 more words

Cincinnati Farmers' Markets

There are so many great reasons to live in this area and local farmers’ markets are one of them. Most markets are open through October, so be sure to check them out. 349 more words

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