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Endless Summer

Forty-eight days have passed since my last post and during that time I have boarded seven airplane flights, changed watches in four time zones, crossed borders into five different US states, driven over 1200 miles and generally squeezed every possible moment out of our five-week trip home. 433 more words

Life Down Under


I don’t have room in my garage to start piling my Burning Man equipment (it is currently in my storage unit) until about the middle of August, so I’m settling for going over my lists and ordering/buying/making whatever I’m still lacking. 451 more words

Burning Man

Roots Canal...

Jersey Boys…

In 1968 my father, a successful business man, plucked our family from our suburban New Jersey home and planted us in Colorado. He did this largely I believe, so my brother and I would not grow up to be dock workers, cops on the take, or apartment superintendents with a 3 donut a day habit, cigarettes rolled up in our shirtsleeves, and America: Love It Or Leave It bumper stickers on our Chevy Impalas. 736 more words


Going Home

Whenever I go

Home, weary from wandering
Physically drained, mentally worn
And troubled emotionally

Father, with arms wide open
Receives and leads me in
Always, unconditionally… 37 more words


Home Time: Flying to the UK

I left the UK shaky legged and teary eyed a year ago this week. I checked into a Bangkok hotel, leaving my job, my friends, my family, my home, my life all to become a solo traveller. 661 more words


coming home // joshua tree

The spirit of the desert courses through my veins

The open road my familiar friend

The sky fills my eyes, my dreams my visions all becoming clear… 65 more words


Serious As A Heart Attack, Part VI

“Good morning Glenn. How are you feeling today?” Kim, my new daytime nurse, was smiling and active, even perky. Nothing could have been more diametrically opposite of how I felt. 1,451 more words

Cardiac Disease