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PS Topshop I love you

It struck me, last year, that I don’t much like shopping for clothes anymore (the stress, the unforgiving changing room lights, the cost, the not knowing which shops and trends are now meant ‘for me’). 1,005 more words

Going Out

It's Time to Go Home by Me

So here I am taking a break,
Sipping up tea and munching a cake!
Waiting along as time passes by,
Thinking of things before I fly…

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#28 Ásgeir - Going Home

“Home, I’m making my way home.
My mind’s already there.
Yes, my mind is”

Apologies for this being a day late. Excited for Ásgeir at The Great Escape. 18 more words


A Girl of Many Houses - Finding Home

For years I’ve declared myself to be a nomad, often more happily than not, but over the last year of so many different places that I laid my head at the end of the day, it was beginning to feel like I wouldn’t find a place to really call “home”. 378 more words


The end of the road

Hello everyone.
So, this is it. I’ve hiked,trotted,kayaked,scuba dived,ziplined,volcano boarded,quad biked and sometimes crawled across four different countries in 16 weeks. It’s been a real adventure but my time in Central America is coming to an end.. 507 more words

Easter: Football, family and getting fat

So we traveled up to the North West for Easter and in this part of the world – as I’m sure is the case in many others – the season is all about family, football, chocolate and Welsh lamb. 248 more words

Staying In

Randomly, I Appear

Nearly 10 months after my previous appearance, I’m back – for today, anyway.

Easter morning – 5:15 – can’t sleep.  Peer out the door at the sky turning from dark to early light; turn on the coffee; open the sliding glass door:  peepers.  178 more words