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10 Tips to Stop Being a Water Hog

First off. apologies for the lack of garden sassiness over the past couple weeks. I’m in the midst of launching a book (The Trials of Hercules… 991 more words


Human Gene Modification

Interesting article that looks at human gene modification from both sides. The Pros are presented from some and the Cons from others.

From what I see, the Pros are presented from the view point of health, curing disease, stopping suffering. 96 more words


Only The Perfect Shall Be Allowed to Live

Below is an article about DNA manipulation in utero and one man’s take on it. What do you think about this? Though my book, Going Native, is a work of fiction, I wrote it from the standpoint of a society developing where children whose DNA manipulation wasn’t successful were treated as ‘lessers’ in a sense. 432 more words


What You Focus On You Become

(Fifth entry in an ongoing series in which movies are used to illustrate happiness concepts and tips.)

It is a spiritual principle that what you focus on, you become.  485 more words