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The representation of the Orient and women on Twitter: #DonnedOriente

Orientalism is something that I really love. Or better, I love to study and understand the Orientalist perspective that sometimes, even today, is still present. And it is. 808 more words

Just Thoughts

The Art of Walking

Have you ever noticed that your surroundings influence or change the way you walk?
And I’m not talking about something too obvious like from one second to the next performing a moonwalk but rather the more subtle changes in movement like straightening your posture or altering your pace. 900 more words

South Africa

Time to go native, yall. (Chimer Part 1)

In his  1789 work, “Dissertations on the English Language”, Noah Webster (the fellow who created Webster’s dictionary) wrote:

“As an independent nation, our honor requires us to have a system of our own, in language as well as government. 952 more words


Wishful Shaving

I haven’t shaved my legs above the knee in 30 years. What would be the point? My short shorts and miniskirt days are long gone. It’s not as disgusting as you might think, though. 173 more words