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Crowdfunding your law practice

This is a great read for anyone considering going solo and financing that adventure via crowdfunding. I’ve joked with my wife before about kickstarting a law practice, but I’ve never seriously considered whether it was possible to do so until I stumbled upon… 264 more words

a woman travels solo

The way of going solo

For most of the people it takes great courage to travel on someone’s own, especially as a woman. For me it wasn’t, right from the beginning I knew I wanted to do this world trip solo.  677 more words


Running in Circles

I go for a jog every time I feel like running away from all the negative vibes I’m digging up. What I really like about it is how my psyche embraces the stillness of the mind; As well as the idea of a race and the luscious feeling of being ahead of anyone when you look back. 191 more words


Rajasthan's Something Cities: Jaisalmer

Rajasthan doesn’t have cities, it has something cities. Most urban clusters in the state have a majestic moniker, followed by a title – rather befitting of royalty. 1,032 more words



“Are you talking to me?” I wasn’t sure who else she could have meant since we were the only two people on this beach, but I had never met a ghost face to face before. 1,051 more words

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My Malaysian Love Affair. The Gypsy in Esmeralda, Sans Quasimodo.

“We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfillment.” –Hilaire Belloc

I had too much to deal with lately and I really wanted to breathe somewhere that I can have fun, think and write.

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making friends underwater

Just scrolled through my diving photos and boy, it made me miss the water! I played around with more functions this time, some shots were quite pretty (well, good enough for me). 1,008 more words