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Exploring the wine farms with WineFlies…and the end of my South African Adventure!

As it was my birthday, I decided to treat myself and spend the day on a wine tour with WineFlies, a real must for anyone coming to Cape Town that likes wine. 759 more words

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Sawadee ka from Phuket

Okay so I left Singapore on Wednesday afternoon.. was a lil tired, but I managed to meet three people in 26 hours. Not bad!

Flight was alright, saw some really pretty islands.. 798 more words


A day in Kuala Terengganu

Okay enough rants, I didn’t take many pictures while diving, but I did get a few pretty shots!

We dived through two walls, pretty cool. A nice little valley formed and thousands of fish were just swimming aimlessly.. 457 more words


the night I feared for my life

How far will you go when you suspect someone creepy likes you? For me, I’m leaving the country. Yes to escape that creep, also known as AA. 1,047 more words


And what do we say to The Taaras? Never again!

I’m done with this place. I’m not continuing my divemaster training. Don’t get me wrong, the course director is a lovely man, and F is a good instructor. 1,089 more words


a hell hole in redang

What happens when life throws you problem after problem? Is walking away a solution?

So on 1 July, I left Singapore for hell. Pulau Redang, specifically. 1,658 more words


Time to realize my South African whale watching dream!

Having gone on and on about my need to see a whale during my time in South Africa I decided that the weekend would be a perfect time to get out, explore the coast around Cape Town and do some whale watching. 444 more words

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