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Morrigan felt exceptionally good once she had gotten up. She was a little disappointed that Malcolm had left, but she couldn’t blame him. They had… 1,007 more words

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Writing was getting difficult. Morrigan felt that there was something she had forgotten that she shouldn’t have and that she needed to turn it into her next book, but since she couldn’t remember what it was, well… Motivation was hard to come by. 829 more words

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(I wasn’t sure what else to call this, so this’ll have to do. Apologies again for the lack of pictures – I made it short to make up for it :) ) 756 more words

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The next time Morrigan had a day off she called her new friends and invited them on a date out to the nearby lounge. It was a fancy place, but Morrigan… 927 more words

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After the first few awkward days in her new job, Morrigan established a routine quickly.

Get up, shower, eat, go to work, work on book, sleep, repeat. 859 more words

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‘So this…

… is my new home,’ Morrigan thought as she stepped through the doors, which gave an angry creaking sound after not having been opened in a while. 802 more words

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Lucky 7? My Tips for Flying with Ryanair (& other Low Cost Airlines)

Cheap with no frills, these so-called “low cost” airlines are usually adequate as long as you don’t need anything else from them, but are to be approached with caution, and typically, low expectations.   1,507 more words