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Agnes - Toddler Daze

Life is so much more enjoyable when shared.

Having a toddler in the house is so much different than having a baby.  In some ways it’s easier because she can entertain herself.  641 more words

Going Solo

Let's go home!

That’s the thought I’ve in my head before I jump into the water.

I love diving. I really do. I can spend an hour just playing with the sand underwater. 577 more words


Agnes - No Longer Alone

I didn’t think that I would ever love anyone ever again.

Without a doubt, the last month of pregnancy was the hardest.  I couldn’t fit comfortably at my desk anymore, so writing was out of the question.  604 more words

Going Solo

Agnes - A Bump in the Road

When I said that I didn’t want to be alone, this isn’t what I meant…

It’s all Cornelia’s fault.  I blame her entirely.  If she hadn’t convinced me to have that feast party, none of this would have ever happened.  814 more words

Going Solo

Agnes - The Sun Will Come Out

And then one day, life was worth living again.

Life had become a routine for me. I felt like I was living in auto-pilot. Cornelia must have thought so too because she kept calling and calling. 626 more words

Going Solo

Agnes - Where Do I Go From Here?

I had the world in my hands, but it slipped through my grasp.

My house is beautiful.  Certainly one of the loveliest in all of Sunset Valley.  675 more words

Going Solo

acing the divemaster's stress test

For the uninitiated, the ‘stress test’ is one component of the divemaster training, where two divers share one air source underwater while swapping equipment (mask, BCD, fins). 821 more words