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Google Market Trends

Just FYI, a little exercise on some financial topics.  By Google Trends at least, the stage is setting up for a contrarian, counter-trend bounce in precious metals and commodities in 2015. 37 more words


Gold & Silver Today

okay now they are flirting with abnormal

I know it sounds weird on a day when gold bugs are being scattered back down Hamburger Hill, but gold (GLD) is still normal by its daily chart.  128 more words


Oil to test support next week

It looks like the price of oil (brent) will hit the first really interesting support level (see chart here) next week (assuming current trend continues), about… 53 more words

Silver vs. Gold

Just an FYI that silver is still leading gold on the short-term and the ratio is above the 50 day moving average.


Inflation increasing fast, money supply update

Growth year on year of money in circulation, aka credit measured by the Fed has in the last two weeks reached all time high since 2008, … 163 more words

Are Gold Vault Audits Already Under Way?

There was talk about auditing Fort Knox to see if the gold it claims to have is still there. (1)(2)(3). This type of audit was not carried out recently, and the question of the vault’s contents has not been totally addressed. 535 more words

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Gold vs. Oil…

Silver vs. Oil…

Gold vs. Commodities…

And finally, an important one; Silver vs. Gold…