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Rumors Magazine: Gold Digger Contest

Rumor’s Magazine is pleased to announced one of the winners for our Gold Digger contest.
Her picture will be published in Rumor’s Magazine which will be coming out soon. 42 more words

Fashion Teller

Miss Jackson Blasts Bad Medina For Accusing Her Of Being A Knifed Up Gold Digger !

After being tagged in the post, Miss “I Can’t Be Bought” Jackson went OFF…

and @BadMedinaLuvas insisted that they were just a “fan”…

Miss Jackson then went HAM and accused Medina of being bought by Floyd from actor Jackie Long and brought up the boxer’s harem of at least SIX other sister wives. 14 more words

Fasho Celebrity News

Okay, I'M LOST!!

Soooo the more I to get rid of these5 women in my life, The closer they are drawn to me. The slut won’t go anywhere because she feels guilty about the fucked Up shit she’s done me, so she tries give me everything thinking it’s going to make up for all her bullshit. 369 more words

The Truth

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

Let’s just say that hypothetically one has a date tonight.  Hypothetically one does not remember what their date looks like.  This hypothetical date cannot be located on Facebook, despite one’s elite stalking skills. 557 more words


Gold digger SURPRISE prank! life at it’s most awkwardest moments.


The Funny Things Kids Say: "100 Moneys"

One day, I picked up the twins from their friend Tommy’s house after a play date.  This kid is the devil in disguise and somehow he has managed to win over the heart of little five-year-old Sandra.   201 more words


What is Kanye West trying to say? Gold Digger

So I had this lengthy, epic post in my head for the last couple weeks- A Defense of Kanye West.  Because I like Kanye West.  902 more words

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