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Deck Spotlight: Gold Digger

I know there’s been a lot of posts on this deck lately, but since it’s the one I’m working on right now, it’s then one you get. 895 more words


They Say I am a Gold Digger: The Price of Being a Kept Woman

When I was 14, I was paying rent for my 19 year old boyfriend.
When I was 16, I was told I was just going to try to “fuck my way to the top,” and I still don’t know what that means. 901 more words


Doing the digging again

“All the card-filtering in the world” is what my round four opponent stated this Monday evening. And he was right. Yesterday, I played the very same deck I played last Monday, with no changes. 1,204 more words


Dancing With The Fat Woman - Chapter 16


Chapter 16

IT WAS 8:30 IN THE MORNING as Winston Dorkin poured an 18 year old single malt Scotch into one of his signature monogrammed crystal glasses and handed it to Raymond Walters who sat stoically across from his desk. 981 more words

Dancing With The Fat Woman

Men: Recognize What Kind Of Woman You're Dealing With And Get Your Expectations In Order.

Fellas. Can we talk?

So you want someone to have your back, to stand with you and work alongside you to build an empire? You’re going to have to bring your A game, because B chicks only like what is already shining. 1,192 more words


Responsibility - Optional?

James, in your post you wrote about responsibility towards other people, like friends and family and whatnot. You seemed to refer to it as accidental altruism and I can’t help but wonder if I agree that it was accidental. 514 more words


Money (Poem)

Your heart is pure gold
Highest quality of love there is
I’ve sold it for merengue-colored jewels
And furniture (which in time will be covered in cobwebs) 152 more words