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Jamie Foxx, Tina Knowles get down to 'Gold Digger'

During a recent Jamie Foxx concert in New York City, Tina Knowles hopped up on stage and began to dance with the singer and actor. 119 more words


Accidental Husband Chapter 28. Early Release

Chapter 28. Early Release

Barbara stepped out of the elevator, her mind on Kaikane’s words.

‟Passion of the heart, it is a rare thing. It is like a wave on the water, sometimes you must hang-ten to keep on it. 1,244 more words


The Trophy Wife monologue!

Hilarious! To laugh one’s ass off! Still beats me who wants to marry those brainless leeches. I mean they are expendable anyway, why marry and give them legal rights on your money?   43 more words

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Why Women Choose Not to Marry

This post responds to a CNN article, Why More Women Choose Not to Marry, by Pepper Schwartz. Lest the youthful name or photo suggest frivolity, Schwartz is a Yale PhD, professor of sociology at the University of Washington, the… 3,069 more words

Relationship Failure Theory: Revisited

After speaking with a few people about my previous post on relationship failures, something became apparent to me. It seems as though I have placed all of the responsibilities of the relationship on the man. 932 more words

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Blacklisted Beers - Day Three

Whether it’s a beer or a partner who hangs around because you’ve got money, it’s not a good thing to be a gold digger.

While I’m no fan of people who hook up for the cash money, I actually like the beer version of the Gold Digger. 315 more words