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Gold for bitcoin new fad as e-currency count nears 500-mark

NEW DELHI: In a fresh possible headache for regulators, including in India, ‘gold for bitcoin’ trades are emerging as a new fad in the world of anonymous transactions, fuelling further the appetite for virtual currencies. 399 more words


The Bitcoin Crowd Reaches Out to the Gold Bugs

By Joshua Brustein

On the spectrum of currency ideologues, gold bugs and Bitcoin enthusiasts occupy equal but opposite positions. They’re both suspicious that governments are going to meddle around with normal money so much that it becomes useless—it’s just that one group thinks math is the antidote and the other believes in hoarding metal bars. 379 more words


Fakes & Forgeries

When creating alloys of gold and silver, they are usually mixed with less precious metals, such as copper.  It is very difficult to tell just by looking at a metal how much actual gold or silver, if any, is in it  a piece of jewellery that is being sold. 327 more words



As both gold and silver occur in the rocks of the earth’s crust, the most common way for us to extract them is by mining. 385 more words


Properties of Gold & Silver

Gold and silver are both metals which occur naturally in the Earth’s crust. In science, they are natural elements and can be found on the periodic table of elements. 485 more words


Banks accused of rigging silver price

From BBC News:

‘Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia have been accused of attempting to rig the price of silver, in a lawsuit filed in the US.  109 more words

Financial Crisis

Banks To Overhaul Gold-Fix Amid Rigging Fears

Mark Kleinman reports for Sky News:

‘The banks which set the global price of gold are to open the process to independent scrutiny amid evidence that it has been subject to the same manipulation as other crucial financial benchmarks. 123 more words