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Golden Era: 20th Anniversary of Nas' Illmatic

We here at South Shore Ave are gassing up the DeLorean & taking you back to the musical Golden Era of 90’s music to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of one of the Greatest Times in Hip Hop history. 3,555 more words

Golden Era

Golden Era Official Stills

Looking too darn good to be true.  O__O


Mickey Rooney, RIP

Mickey Rooney died Sunday at the ripe old age of 93, ending one of the longest and most impressive careers in the history of American show business, and thus ends an era of American popular culture. 1,175 more words


The Golden Era

My dear reader, dear friend, Miss you not the time – the golden era – where poets were kings? Miss you not the time where words could paint pictures that even blind souls could see? 626 more words

The Golden Era of the 1950s/60s Was an Anomaly, Not the Default Setting

Source: OfTwoMinds blog, by Charles Hugh-Smith

The 1950s/60s were not “normal”–they were a one-off, extraordinary anomaly.

If there is one thing that unites trade unionists, Keynesian Cargo Cultists, free-market fans and believers in American exceptionalism, it’s a misty-eyed nostalgia for the Golden Era of the 1950s and 60s, when one wage-earner earned enough to buy all the goodies of a middle-class lifestyle because everything was cheap. 276 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Hollywood Essays is now on iBooks!

The new Hollywood Essays iBook, with a wonderful foreword by film historian and critic Leonard Maltin, features 15 of my most popular essays about the Mayer family of Hollywood and the stars and filmmakers they worked with during the golden era of motion pictures. 104 more words