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每個步驟都要思考、設計過,學習起來才進步的有效率 (看看別人怎麼做)
Deliberate practice is characterized by several elements, each worth examining. It is activity designed specifically to improve performance, often with a teacher’s help; it can be repeated a lot; feedback on results is continuously available; it’s highly demanding mentally, whether the activity is purely intellectual, such as chess or business-related activities, or heavily physical, such as sports; and it isn’t much fun. 52 more words


The Scrimmage - A Parable

There once was a small local team that had to practice for their season. The only way to practice before their big games was against each other. 221 more words

Why I Collaborate/Co-Create

I am asked this again and again that why do I support so many people and do so much building for ‘free’ at the cost of my time and mental effort and the answer is very simple… 217 more words

Golden Rules

How to begin living with purpose: the three golden rules

Life presents you with two roads: one road is filled with the toils of life, and the other road leads to liberation. It is our own choice to what road we choose to walk. 272 more words

Acknowledge and Affirm Him

DISCLAIMER #1: To my loving, handsome, uber driven and intellectual brother I love you! And I think its better to ask forgiveness that permission (in this case) so, please forgive me :).   874 more words