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All dressed up and nowhere to go?

All dressed up and nowhere to go?

Life Lessons from a Youth Worker; My 3 Golden Rules.

Picture this, the year is 1999, it’s a wet and windy September morning and I’m stood in a school gym, that doubles as a school hall, waiting to take my first ever year 11 assembly. 992 more words

Tracey Odessa Kane

A poem against Worry, Fear, Hate, and Jealousy

While reading the book “Golden rules” by Napoleon Hill I came across this poem that deeply inspired me. It embodies many of my own beliefs and thoughts, so I wanted to share it with you. 431 more words


Be the Type of Person You Want to Meet, Part 2

To err is human, is an accepted fact. In that light, it is possible to easily conduct ourselves in ways that debase and diminish ourselves as well as others; but if we expect the best of others, it is only fair and just that we expect even better of ourselves. 534 more words

Learned Behavior

Peter Thiel's inspiring talk

In my eighth grade junior high school yearbook one my friends wrote, I know you’re going to get into Stanford. Four years later, I went to Stanford Law School, ended up at a big law firm in New York where from the outside everybody wanted to get in and on the inside everybody wanted to leave and it was this very strange dynamic where I realized, this was maybe not the best idea, and I left after seven months and three days. 536 more words


Magic of Let go

‘Let go’ is one of the art of living
for peaceful & successful life.
If someone insult you,
let go & forget it.
If someone abuse you , 81 more words


Got What it Takes To Run A Blog?

So you want to start a blog.  Or your blog currently sucks.  Or no-one read it.  What are your next steps?

I was in the same situation two years ago. 521 more words

Personal Development

Bronze Awards

Congratulations to the children below who were awarded the bronze badge. This translates as ‘did not lose any minutes and stuck with the Golden Rules for a whole term’. 10 more words

Golden Rules