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Rio 2 (2014).

In all honesty, it was pretty boring for a movie aimed at children.

Children are active and they enjoy action! They want to be laughing, crying and feeling entirely fascinated by this whole new world that the animators create for them. 344 more words


Sabotage (2014).

Despite being M18, I did not feel the thrill or excitement of the action. Sure, there was blood and explosions and topless women but in all honesty, the movie was terrible and a disappointment. 446 more words


Barely a week after I arrived from China, bosses ordered me to cover a conference in Singapore. With nothing except rest in mind, off I flew to that part of the world.

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Mr Peabody And Sherman (2014).

A movie for geeks and anyone that loves feeling clever.

About a genius dog, Mr Peabody, learning what it is like bringing up a human boy (Sherman) and what it is truly about having family. 446 more words


The Nut Job (2014).

Definitely a kids show. No doubt about it.

A sucker for animation movies, I caught this movie a week ago with a girlfriend of mine. We were tired, so catching this movie was a brilliant decision since it was a typical storyline with shallow humour. 327 more words


Girls' day out: Jurong Point

In case some of you are wondering why I didn’t post anything yesterday, it’s because I went out with a bunch of really awesome friends! And being lazy to go too far for fun, we just decided to hang out at Jurong Point!


Vampire Academy (2014).

Last Monday night, I had a wonderful time catching the preview of Vampire Academy. The director of the amazing hit Mean Girls so many years ago has done it again! 413 more words