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Pyramid (2014).

This is the classic case of being drawn in by the movie trailer to watch it and have all anticipation torn to shreds in the cinema and gain a hell lot of disappointment by the time you walk out the cinema. 385 more words


Big Hero 6 (2014).

Well, I can no longer ignore the plot holes and how some sequences were totally ridiculous in urgent situations and only placed in just to make the on-screen action more impressive. 411 more words


Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (2014).

A sucker for animation films, I was really excited to catch this film last Thursday (all thanks to Hot91.3fm!) at Plaza Singapura’s Golden Village with a good friend of mine that shares this love with me. 523 more words


"What are you searching for a home?" DP Rp 19 juta All-In

Find it @ D’ Golden Village

We create Golden Life:

“Sebuah peradaban emas, dimana terwujud keselarasan antara arsitektur, lingkungan dan pola interaksi masyarakat yang mengedepankan nilai-nilai kebaikan, sehingga mencapai puncak derajat kemanusiaan, bahwa kehidupan bukanlah diri sendiri, bumi ini titipan generasi berikutnya, dan kebahagiaan hakiki adalah di akhirat kelak”. 536 more words


Book of Life Movie Screening & Halloween Party

Am honoured to be invited to cover the movie screening of The Book of Life, Organised by Party Palour with Mexican Embassy and Golden Village. 220 more words