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Unbekannter Rohwaren-Riese Mercuria «Meine Familie ist seit 1407 in Genf»

Unbekannter Rohwaren-Riese Mercuria

«Meine Familie ist seit 1407 in Genf»

Interview: Gerald Hosp und Jean-Pierre Kapp 27.12.2013

Mercuria war 2004 von Marco Dunand (l.) und Daniel Jaeggi, zwei früheren Händlern von Goldman Sachs, gegründet worden. 5,996 more words


Citi's open door in Washington

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently complained about Citigroup’s influence on the congressional budget and legislative process.   This chart from the Washington Post shows Citi has a strong voice in the executive branch as well.  10 more words

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UK's oil industry close to collapse: Senior official

A view of North Sea oil field in the UK (file photo)

A senior British energy official says the UK’s oil industry is “close to collapse” due to a recent dramatic fall in crude prices. 236 more words


Oil Producers To Lose $1Tn If Price Below $60 – Goldman Sachs

The global oil industry will face a loss of $1 trillion as producers will be forced to cancel a number of key projects if oil prices stay below $60, says Goldman Sachs. 370 more words


Twitter - Why waste your time?

Those who know me will not be surprised to hear that I find the idea behind Twitter, the 140-character text messaging service, pretty pointless. If you felt the urge to say something meaningful on the internet, 140 characters would never be enough. 654 more words


1MDB clarifies – making sense and sensibility

In an urgent despatch, 1Malaysia Development Berhad has issued a news release to clarify and clear the air on concerns that erupted in the last one week. 2,173 more words

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