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Goldman Sachs fails! Goldman Sachs triumphs!

It all depends on which headline you read.

FORTUNE — It’s earnings season again, which brings with it the regular wave of news articles about a company’s latest results. 247 more words

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Morgan Stanley's unlikely rebound continues

CEO James Gorman proves that there are, in fact, second acts on Wall Street.

FORTUNE — James Gorman appears to have found Wall Street’s secret sauce. 413 more words

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Goldman Sachs just rang up one of its best quarters in investment banking

It wasn’t as bad as some expected.

In a quarter when most banks (except for Morgan Stanley) have had some truly terrible results, Goldman Sachs  290 more words

Wall Street traders had a terrible, terrible quarter, except at Morgan Stanley

It’s pretty much official. The remaining traders at the large banks on Wall Street and around the world had a truly terrible time in the first quarter of 2014. 214 more words

The real economy is finally doing better than the money economy

Occupy Wall Street rejoice: As more people land jobs, bank earnings are looking down.

FORTUNE — Here’s a switch: The bankers are all of a sudden doing worse than the butchers, the bakers, and the candlestick makers. 673 more words

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What exactly did bank CEOs earn in 2013?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon got either a 74% raise or a 37% pay cut, depending on the source. In fact, neither stat correctly reports his 2013 take-home pay.  761 more words

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