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CHILLAX. You’ll be jailed only if you’re Russian. Read this further to know why. :P

So, it’s been a while. Yeah.

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Your bank account is no longer considered to be money.

That’s right. Goldman Sachs tipped investors to sell all their gold and silver last April, why?

As quoted from Canadian blog NorthernTruthSeeker:

If the dollar and the Euro were to collapse tomorrow, what currency of exchange would the left standing?

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Fed says it needs to review its bank review process, yet again

Step No. 1 in bureaucratic crisis management: announce a study. The Federal Reserve is back to step No. 1.

In 2009, after the dust had cleared from the financial crisis, the New York Fed called in an outside expert, a Columbia University professor, to review why the regulator had so miserably failed at detecting the problems—the loose lending and dangerous derivatives—at the banks that had culminated in the financial crisis. 505 more words


The Fed to investigate itself for regulatory capture

I’ve written before about regulatory capture at the Fed. Now even the Fed has been forced to respond, but they still don’t seem to take all this seriously.  268 more words

Current Affairs

Senate probe says Goldman, other banks exploited commodity markets

By Michael Flaherty

A two-year Senate investigation into Wall Street’s physical commodities business found that U.S. banks had manipulated prices and gained unfair trading advantages at the expense of consumers. 877 more words


Goldman fires staff for leaking confidential N.Y. Fed information

Goldman Sachs has fired two staff members after a junior employee passed confidential information from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, his former employer, to a senior colleague in the investment bank. 87 more words


Closing the Poor Door

TL;DR: A few developers are building in separate entrances for the poor in mixed-income projects, which is distasteful and unnecessary. A simple solution: add a boost-point to the NYC QAP for not doing it. 1,094 more words