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In Owltree

Owltree was not very far from the barricade, and it was a sight that Whisper had not expected. Instead of the tiny little hamlet built upon the ruins of a lost suburb from before The Vine took the east coast, what lay before her cast that image from Whisper’s mind entirely. 2,796 more words

Whisper O'Shea

Will sell cheap for cash.

Goldsboro Daily Argus, 23 January 1918.

Along with barbering and undertaking businesses, James Guess and his father Matthew apparently engaged in a little real estate speculation.

North Carolina

She died in the cart.

Another rare glimpse of David Sloan Aldridge, son of Robert and Eliza Balkcum Aldridge, who “disappears” from records after 1904:

Goldsboro Daily Argus, 28 April 1904.

North Carolina

May 11, 1865

Manchester, VA.  Thursday, May 11, 1865   Warm and Pleasant   laid long in bed this morning   the twentieth and fourteenth Corps’s marched for Washington City to day   the fifteenth and Seventeenth Corps’ will probably start tomorrow   I guess the Eastern troops don’t want us to prolong our stay here   Shermans boys raised a big muss in Richmond last night   my health which has been rather poor since we left Goldsboro is not so good today and I am afraid I wont stand this march very well   boys of the Sixth and twenty fifth Iowa regs were over today   Genl Halleck did not review Shermans army today nor will he tomorrow as he proposed   I suppose our Genl Sherman thinks he knows when he wants his boys reviewed


Wayne Woman Patsy McMillan reported Missing | Goldsboro Daily News - Goldsboro News, NCGoldsboro Daily News – Goldsboro News, NC

On Wednesday, July 23rd, the Sheriff’s Office took a missing person report on Patsy Mitchell McMillan, a 49-year-old black woman. Miss McMillan lives at 414 East Hall Street, in Wallace but was last seen on July 4th at the bus terminal on Hwy. 99 more words


the 5th of july

‘Merica! What’s better to celebrate America than with family, fire, and food? Nothing. Nothing is better than family, fire, and food, and if you can’t celebrate with family, fire, and food on the fourth, celebrate with family, fire, and food on the fifth! 130 more words


March 27, 1865

Monday, March 27, 1865   Am not well   lay on my bunk most all day   we get orders to fix up camp as we will probably remain in our present position during our stay at Goldsboro   I am rather to much under the weather to fix up much to day   many of the boys are busy writing   I wish I was well enough to write but shall have to defer writing till I feel better which I guess will be soon as I got 5 large pills and 2 large quinine Powders this morning   I don’t like our camp much as it is rather low and will be quite wet if it rains much