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My Winter Practice - Putting Indoors

In my kitchen is a very low pile runner, according to my vaccuum.  Upon it are rows of multi colored stripes.  Several times a day I rest my putter head on the stripes and then “climb into” my putting stance, making certain that the aiming guide on the top of my putter remains in line with one of the lines on the rug.  122 more words

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Golf for fun, golf for the health of it!

Legs are apart of the game, whether you are playing on one or two they are the foundation upon which the rest of the swing is built.  220 more words

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Early Spring practice....

At the first sign of warmer temps every one makes a run for the driving range hoping that a winter of rest and visualization will have resulted in mastery of their driver.  82 more words

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Get Golf Ready: Pro on the Go - Metro West Boston

I happen to live in Dedham MA and work in Lexington MA, a commute of approximately 17 miles that can take up to 45 minutes by car or bicycle.  272 more words

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February 18th - Getting Ready for Golf Season

I have spent the last two evenings in heavy planning mode. Monday I met with Diane to go over with her exactly what programs I was looking to do and to get a course schedule from her. 420 more words