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How Important is the Golf Grip?

1500 students!  That’s the number of people I’ve taught in the past 10 years through clinics and group lessons.  Of those 1500, almost 95% of them have come to me looking for a quick fix to their swing without thinking first about the basics.   265 more words


Swing Slow? Really?

How many times have you played a round with some buddies and after a bad shot they say “slow your swing down”.  So many golfers take this the wrong way.   267 more words


Day 1 - Pros and Cons of working on the basics

If I’m honest day 1 was kind of a write off and I knew it sort of would be.  Firstly the weather was dreadful and it’s not so much that I’m a fair weather golfer but I feel like there is only so much you can learn in rain and 30 mph wind.   418 more words

Intro -

I’m 23, a History Graduate of the University of Stirling,and I’m fed up of family and  friends asking me what I’ going to do with my life.  284 more words