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The Mental Game: Routine and Visualization

Visualization may be the one defining characteristic that separates the 

golfer who appears to know what he/she is doing and succeeds  from

the golfer who merely appears to know what he/she is doing and fails. 240 more words

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Practice: Golfing the course at the Range

Practice rarely makes perfect but more often makes permanent.

There are two ways to approach practice: First is to work on your swing mechanics. Second is to work on your game, routine and visualization techniques by bringing the golf course to the range. 174 more words

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Carson Newman Golf Team Project

Fundraising project to convert unused raquetball court in our Student Activity Center (MSAC) into an indoor golf studio.
Please help support our teams for the upcoming season. 8 more words


Improve your chipping with this golf tip.

Secret to Chipping

In this tip, PGA Master Professional Greg Schulze from the University of Minnesota Les Bolstad Golf Course lets us in on the secret to chipping in this video golf tip:

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