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Barton's Movie Reviews BFI London Film Festival Special - THE DROP

The Drop is a crime drama set against a Brooklyn backdrop that stars Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and rather fittingly, James Gandolfini in his last screen performance. 446 more words

Josh Barton

The Drop

This week in cinemas creates an interesting “point-counterpoint” type of situation between A Walk Among the Tombstones starring Liam Neeson, and The Drop, featuring Tom Hardy; these two films, both ostensibly crime dramas and starring well known actors, offset one another in narrative quality. 571 more words


Clueless Movie Reviews: "The Drop"

The Drop is a quietly intense and riveting crime drama that takes hold of you with its authenticity, its creative camera work, its surprisingly nuanced characters and the performances that bring those characters to life. 421 more words


Cool As Hell : Casey Affleck

They don’t get much cooler than Casey Affleck. If you haven’t seen Gone Baby Gone and The Killer In Me, go now. I’ll wait. :) You’ll thank me.

School update and a book review

We’ve begun our second week of school and if the boys keep at this pace we’ll be finished by March. Not really, but they are zooming through the first few units of math. 432 more words