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On Women in Civil War Pop Culture

Before shifting away from historical fiction for a few weeks, I want to make a few observations about women in Civil War pop culture. After reviewing… 574 more words

Playing the Name Game

Just ripped off a page on my new Zits (love that comic strip, as I can relate to not only Jeremy, but his parents, too), and on the back there’s a list of the Top 10 baby names of 1940. 328 more words

Random Meditations

Day 29 - frankly, my dear, that's quite depressing

You’ll be relieved to hear that today is not about food. In fact, I’ve been so exhausted lately that I didn’t even cook anything tonight. About time that cheeky little monkey of mine remembered his sleeping pattern! 306 more words

Just For Fun

Golden Age Hollywood Movies And Sweetheart

I’ve just watched Gone With The Wind (1939) two days ago and then i end up watching another 30’s-50’s movie. I watched Roman Holiday (1953) and The Yearling (1946). 381 more words


Books I Wish I Could Read Again For The First Time

I love books, you love books, we all love books.  There are books that we love more than we love others, and then there are books so great, so brilliant, so bloody magical, that, given the option, we would go back in time purely to read them again… for the very first time. 441 more words


Entry 3: Scarlett Gets a Makeover

Cold Mountain. Written and directed by Anthony Minghella. Based on the novel by Charles Frazier.

Release Date: December 25, 2003.

In his book on the Civil War in popular culture, … 1,118 more words

Literary Etiquette: Scarlett

You might argue that Gone With The Wind is a very problematic book, and you would be right, but the character of Scarlett O’Hara has captured a lot of people’s imaginations, including Alexandra Ripley who wrote the completely unauthorized sequel,  3,375 more words

Etiquette History