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#FinishThatThought Week 2-7 : Two Vials

Two vials lay before me, the fate of humanity rested in my hands. I stared across the room, at the wall of computers, and the black dragon. 416 more words


What was

Ruby red lips and hair the color of
Night. My mind races as think of
the places I’ll take your mind tonight.
Rough fingers trace your lips pressing open to expose the places I’ll be. 16 more words

In silence,
Visibly fading steps,
Still hands!

In the memory,
lingers a voice once heard,
her face lives on a wooden screen!

Denied truth,
living long enough to get things done, 9 more words


A Child's Time-In Simple Rhyme (272)

And as the summer gave way-
We began to face our first school day.


An Open Letter To Myself When The World Has Gone Mad

Here’s the “Open Letter” Guy read this morning from Amy L. Marxkors.

“To Myself, When the World Has Gone Mad:

When the world has gone mad, don’t give up hope. 665 more words


I Don't Know Where You Are Anymore...

Still I see something that will make me smile and I imagine your childish grin and high-pitched laugh alongside, gazing at it through your phone. Someone will say something relevant to one of your interests and immediately I grow enthusiastic and supportive. 232 more words


Michael (Part 1)

While there are many moments and conversations that are favorites from my trip to the Dominican Republic, my absolute best took place in the Atlanta airport on my return trip to Minnesota. 533 more words