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On Respecting Our Fellow Human Beings

In seeing a lot of the news these days I was quite discomforted by a couple trends in the dialogue surrounding some current events. It took me a serious moment of contemplation and digging into personal feelings before I began to see what was really bothering me. 1,145 more words

Culture Of Peace

Of weeds and wheat

The garden where Sheryl and I once lived had been ignored for at least two years before we arrived. Do you know how many weeds can accumulate in two years in an untended garden? 1,114 more words


A Short Ramble About Killing, Morality, and Straw-man Materialism, Part II

Looks like I have an entire second article at my disposal to get side tracked on, so let’s get right into it.

One of the more popular stances on purpose and morality under an evolutionary framework is the assumption that the continuation of humanity is good, and it’s discontinuation is bad. 710 more words


A Short Ramble About Killing, Morality, and Straw-man Materialism, Part I

Having heard some pretty astonishing things from some of my fellow Christians over the past few days, this article started off as a general sorting out of my thoughts regarding Israel’s actions over the past few days. 1,646 more words



Shadows sink, shadows sweep, shadows grow and shadows creep, but never ever dare they go beyond the place where light skips a beat

Balanced up, balanced down; what is this scale you seek? 129 more words


I romanticise...

I think we as humans romanticize what we love and what we want to do. As children we have all these wonders of how incredible the world is and can be, we are so caught up in “the best that could happen” that we almost don’t even acknowledge the worries in life. 940 more words


Not Myself

Generous Genies

I was ejected from my bottle because I would easily grant any wish that any human would ask without thinking about the consequences. I mean it didn’t affect me right? 512 more words