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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in Us

Do you consider yourself a good person? Do you strive to be better?

Being and striving to be a ‘good’ person = suffering, no matter how paradoxical this sounds. 940 more words


Day 0325

One of the most insulting things I’ve ever had said to me by a paramour was this: You should really get rid of some of the books on here. 241 more words

Nothing on the Earth happens that is not related to the spirit

Nothing on the Earth happens that is not related to the spirit. Our soul with her good and bad deeds is closely related to all that happens on the Earth. 106 more words


Be Original

While listening Simon and Garfunkel ” The Sound of Silence”, my mind flows through a lot good and bad stuff.
It is normal, after all we are human! 27 more words

Decisions are being made right now. The question is: Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?

In every moment of the day you as a person are making a decision.  The only things is are you actually making the decision for your life or are you letting someone else make decisions for you. 485 more words


Good Guys, Bad Guys: The Triumphal Entry

A few months ago, my pastor asked if I would speak in church on Palm Sunday. I said sure. He promptly forgot and scheduled someone else. 804 more words

Community Life