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#87 Attitudes for Happiness

“Happy are the meek,” Jesus continues. Meekness is being teachable. It is not poor self-image. It is being open to God, asking and accepting His guidance. 235 more words

Good And Evil

#86 How to be Happy

Jesus loved teaching the people out under the trees, on a green hillside, or by the lake, anywhere outside. This morning after choosing his core group of committed followers, he leads them and the people already coming, to a wide, level place on the mountain. 222 more words

Good And Evil

Malchus Called

Malchus sighed wearily as he leaned back in his chair, taking off his spectacles and setting them upon his small writing table. He winced as his old joints creaked and cracked in rebellion to the motion, almost making as much noise as the antiquated chair he sat upon. 3,050 more words

#85 The Healing Power of Love

All of the disciples had negative traits, each of them different. But God takes us, broken as we are, and makes us channels of his love and goodness to others. 232 more words

Good And Evil

Ya Dumb Bastard

You are Eden when you accept yourself. You are devil whirl when you deny yourself. The apple is the sleep you give yourself when ye say ye are bad for a million things under the son, except the thing of denying yourself, i.e. 69 more words

Human Potential

White People Today

Disclaimer: I’m posting this despite the “full story” not being out there yet, because a) who knows if we’ll ever have the full one, and b) because I anticipate any information that DOES surface will be used as fodder for more of what I’ve already been seeing, almost daily, and  my sincere hope is that maybe this could help curb that in some small way. 1,622 more words

Morality and Death

Why does a character exist in a story?

To further the plot, of course, say all the literature undergrads out there.

Most of us have read dreadful, self-serving fanfiction and horrible “debut novels” whose characters are floating in a miasma of interior thought, activity and poseurship. 652 more words