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#266 His Choice -- Guest post by Loxlia

Many have died for His name, tortured and disfigured, refusing to deny Him. Many even crucified. Peter, His Peter, crucified upside down, feeling unworthy of dying His death. 505 more words

Good And Evil

Dragon of the Day

So, as a would-be dragon slayer who often finds it difficult to spot camouflaged dragons in today’s world of grey, I want to tackle what I’m going to call my dragon of the day. 563 more words

Heroes And Dragons

The Problem of Evil and the Tree of Knowledge of the Primary Assumed Disjunction

There are two kinds of logical problems of evil. The first and the original may look like so:


#265 He's Alive! It's So God!

A disciple opens the door and Mary is gasping for breath. They bring her in and she tries, “Someone—has stolen—Jesus!”

“What?” they all say at once. 285 more words

Good And Evil

LaaF #16: "I Need a Hero! Wait do I?": The Hero and Their Place in the World


TOPIC: “I Need a Hero!  Wait do I?”: The Hero and Their Place in the World

FILM… 116 more words

LaaF Lectures

#264 Unnecessary Fear

It’s still dark when Mary leaves home to walk to Jesus’ tomb. I wasn’t sleeping anyway, might as well start walking. My mind has been reeling all night, replaying everything. 252 more words

Good And Evil

An Easter Pilgrimage

Some say life is a journey. If so, it’s a journey strewn with distractions, roadworks and potholes for most of us, but every so often there’s a well signposted major interchange. 1,487 more words