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Blessed Are The Peacemakers

My Fellow Believers,

One hundred years ago this week fighting began in Europe which ushered in a century of wars.  Millions of people died and half a continent was destroyed in that first war alone. 529 more words


#74 Don't Tell Anyone? Seriously?

The crowd is shocked! Nobody touches a leper! But Jesus did! Just reached right out and touched him!

Instantly white scaly skin became as smooth and pink as a child’s, the muscles firm with no sign of atrophy. 229 more words

Good And Evil

Book Review: "Hex Hall" by Rachel Hawkins

  • Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
  • Length: 323 pages
  • Published: 2010
  • Similar to: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • My rating: 4/5
  • Goodreads rating: 4/5

Description: An ill-fated love spell gets teenage witch Sophie Mercer sent to a boarding school for other wayward witches, shape-shifters, and fairies. 198 more words


The World Polarizes

Tiny little Israel, roughly the size of the state of New Jersey and with a population of one half of 1 percent of the world’s 7 billion people, and yet it has caused a great divide and commotion among the peoples of the world in the midst of their conflict with Hamas. 970 more words


#73 Daring to Hope

Leprosy was the kiss of death. And not only were you doomed, but the diagnosis came heavy with humiliation–everyone believed it was God’s judgment for sin. 233 more words

Good And Evil

Good vs Evil...do wrong it's a sin

James 4:17 says’ Therefor to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

How many times have you read the sales flyer and gone into that store to purchase that item that is on sale, only to find out that once you got to the check out it doesn’t ring up on sale? 375 more words


# 72 Need

Jesus leaves the synagogue crowd, still awestruck, and goes home with Peter for rest. When they arrive, Peter’s mother-in-law is sick with a “great fever”– a manifestation of Satan’s rage? 230 more words

Good And Evil