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Instagram Love // California + Good-Byes

We’ve been some busy mongers.

Clockwise from top left: A cheesemonger’s breakfast. /¬†Some of our cheesemongers and wine staff from France 44 Wines & Spirits visited the cows at… 30 more words


Moving On

Today was our last day at our current church. During this next week, we will be moving halfway across the country to California and starting a brand new life and a brand new ministry. 199 more words


A Big Welcome to Pickfords

We got an appointment with Pickfords movers, for the coming Friday. That a professional mover is moving our things to Cape Town takes lots of stress away.  555 more words

Cape Town

Christine Cavanaugh reported dead

Christine Cavanaugh reported dead

It’s possible that Christine Cavanaugh was the voice of your childhood.

You might not have known the actor’s name, but you may have known (and loved) these characters: 382 more words


Windows, BB #29 SFO_CHT June 12, 2008

Windows, BB #29 SFO_CHT June 12, 2008

She says he’s recovered some color since his heart
attacked the same day as Harabojay’s* third stroke. High- 251 more words



Washed ashore

Craving more

That certain touch

Never too much

Passions stirred

Lust and love blurred

Bleeding fissures healed

Head bowed and kneeled

A long good-bye… 91 more words