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It's Highly Illogical!

It’s been one day

I still can’t believe…

When that phone rang, when I saw it was our best friend calling. I felt in my gut something was really wrong. 1,188 more words


Some news you've probably already heard

It’s no secret anymore, folks, and after an unexpected round of some very — er — public publicity last week*, I guess there’s no point in holding back from my own little blog. 500 more words

Setting Sun

My one wish denied
Sun sets on you, my sleeper
Angel’s soaring wings

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Mickey Rooney reported dead

Mickey Rooney reported dead

While it has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there is something distinctive about being the cultural shorthand (no pun intended…well, maybe a… 648 more words

Pop Culture

Saying Good-bye is so hard to do...

When my three week pupation with Grandma finally came to an end…it was soooo hard to say good-bye to my Grandma.  When Grandma got in her car I jumped in with her…I just didn’t want to say good-bye.   64 more words


Right now is a time where it could be so easy to miss it.  So easy to jump the gun…hop the fence…take a short cut…whatever metaphor you feel sounds right.   164 more words

And Then the Tears

There is much written about pain and joy relationships. The pain of hard work, the joy of success. The pain of childbirth, the joy of a baby. 274 more words