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Mike Nichols reported dead

Mike Nichols reported dead

When I was in high school, I took a film analysis class.

The movie that really made the subject work for me was director… 499 more words

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Glen A. Larson reported dead

Glen A. Larson reported dead

TV series don’t happen without producers.

Even the general public knows that now, with names like Shonda Rhimes being as well known as those of the stars of the shows. 285 more words

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New Life, Sprucing Up, Saying Good-Bye

Hi Everyone

I have a new post on my personal blog today. Here is my link if you’d like to read it :) ¬†SimplyMe¬†


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Month-long musings

Here I am, another month gone by in Crema and procrastination has, as usual, prevented me from writing about my first month (the second time around). 531 more words

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Welcome to Boston! (Terminal E)

My alarm promptly sounded at three a.m., and without too much fuss I was up and at em’.

Bags were packed, outfit was picked out the evening before, and we were out the door by 3:50a.m. 1,131 more words



Secure in your absence
Waves of buoyancy soothe
Pillow clouds form your name
Of little comfort now, Inamorato
Forced to let my feelings show
Tonight, I stumble and admit… 7 more words

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Goodbye Jiangxi

The day I left XinGan was almost as hot as the day I arrived. The only major differences between the two days were that I was able to tolerate the spicy vegetables without water, I adapted to the humidity, I knew a bit more Chinese (like how to say tomato and vegetarian), and that I had a giant family of students who were sad to see me go. 775 more words