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Help someone sleep better tonight - Pay a Sack Forward today!

It’s my birthday today – a day where I get to see whoever I want and do (relatively) whatever I want. Unfortunately not all people have this luxury so, today, I want to  121 more words

New Name for STD Alert App - Healthvana

It is with intense relief and gratitude that I pass along the announcement that the app formerly named after a treasured, sacred dance form is now officially christened… 152 more words

Sexual Culture

Daily Meditation 7/19/14

From Tama:  We can do tonglen for what we are feeling and for millions of others just like us who at that very moment of time are feeling exactly the same stuckness and misery. 104 more words

The Charity Campaign- coming soon…

Because of the upswing in the market and the showings we have been seeing on our listings we’ve decided to launch a charity campaign!! 164 more words

Geeks Doing Good | Indiegogo


Dear reader If you like author Patrick Rothfus, helping a good cause, getting cool stuff, or all of the above then please check out the link:). 52 more words