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some days

some days will be better than others

but every day with breath in your body,

good day or bad day, is blessed.


The Wordsmithery

6 Ways to Turn a Blah Day Into a Beautiful Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like everything is off?  Nothing bad, in particular, has happened, but you feel low on energy and negative thoughts creep easily into your mind.  369 more words


It's OK to not be OK.

With the world we live in today, we are all told to be happy. Now happiness is wonderful, But, you can’t always be happy, and that’s OK. 100 more words

Motivational Words

Day 18 - 94.5 Kgs/208 lbs (3.6 Kgs/7.9 lbs down since day 0)

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the huge delay in this entry but I couldn’t find a decent connection to post. I was praying to God that my weight be at least the same as before (95.1 Kgs/210 lbs) if not less because I had absolutely not been able to keep my diet in check and maintain my exercise routine. 266 more words


A little something....

I have been obsessed with ‘Paint’ recently and have been toying with some projects. Here is a little something i made to help empower myself, and others. 9 more words


Days when you do are better than days when you don't

You know that thing?  That thing that you decided to do because you want to but you keep not doing because it feels like a “ 349 more words


My 2015 Goals Resource List

When I was devising my goals for 2015, I drew up a list of books and courses that I wanted to read/ do to assist me in growing. 534 more words

Growing As A Person