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Make A Difference

Doing my part for the HRTrust in the UK has now begun. I feel obliged to contribute towards this charity until a difference has been clearly made; afterall, this disease has impacted my life enormously and research has failed to stop it before major damage has been done. 358 more words

Good Days


I feel like I’ve rounded the recovery corner. I had to make myself rest today and I felt well enough to do some light chores tonight. 109 more words


Good Girls

Guys, I did something super unlike me last night. I went to four frat parties. Four. My roommates thought it would be really fun, so I went along. 347 more words


Tag, You're It

Cows are among my most favorite of animals. Their gentle and expressive eyes seem to shine with peace and contentment and also a touch of merriment. 419 more words

Finding Happiness

More Good Things

Some Good Things of the past couple of months:

Sometimes even their conflicts are funny.  An example:

J to T, across the dinner table:  I’m hitting you. 

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Triplets Of Frindellville


I went out to lunch with my husband this afternoon.  We are experiencing a glorious fall.  He was at ease today.  I felt at ease, too.   309 more words



Disclaimer: I find healing in words and in writing things out. If this is too painful for you then please know that I didn’t write it for you. 1,502 more words