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Rainy day snuggs //

Last night, I got to spend some much needed time with my favorite girl in the entire world, Meleah. We pretty much just sat in my bed and talked for hours and hours, like always. 485 more words

So This is Love

I would just like to start off by saying that I absolutely adore my school and the people I’ve met there. I love my roommates more than I can put into words, and my friends are the most amazing people on the planet. 1,020 more words


The Great Switcheroo

Yesterday was the day I’d been waiting for over two months for: The Switch.

Unlike my mastectomy, I was so ready for this to happen. Two months of burned biscuits made me very amenable to another round of drains. 448 more words


Not German Bread #3: Festive Edition

There are plenty of reasons for them to do it. They can’t promote brands that don’t sponsor the show.

What if they don’t even use the brand of butter whose mark sits bottom right-hand corner throughout ad breaks? 851 more words


I saw an Opportunity to Feel Good and Took it Running

Enough about me feeling good doing things with the community. Time for a change to a more personal post about life in general here in Moldova. 474 more words


...and relax

We’re on day 4 post chemo, so I am starting to feel almost human again. I find that even on the days I don’t feel nauseous, I feel really “ick” and not myself – small wonder, given the toxic chemicals floating around my body! 167 more words

Breast Cancer

The Most Vivid of Colors, The Most Beautiful of Sights

I live on the rainy coast of Oregon and so I’ve seen many, many rainbows. Two days ago, however, I saw the most brilliant rainbow I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 165 more words

Surviving Child Abuse