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Cautiously Optimistic

I have been on a plethora of new meds for a few days now.  I went from 3-5 pills a day to 13-15 pills a day.  166 more words

Good Days

A Herd of Horses, a Bucket of Water and a Damn, Crying Shame

You can lead a horse to water… but you can’t make it drink.

All families have a legacy. My family’s legacy just happens to be one of mental illness, unhappiness, dysfunction and denial. 1,504 more words


Remember the good days

Good Morning Followers,

For the last 3 months or so I have felt like I was at the mercy of my feelings. I felt like I had absolutely control over what I may or may not do day to day. 900 more words

84 Days

What a busy week! I’ve worked every day since Saturday, quite a feat with two part-time jobs with limited hours they can give me. At the first library, I got to do two toddler story times, a regular story time (for all ages), and I got approved for extra hours to work tonight. 953 more words

Just My Thoughts

Sueño: "Besos, besos y algo más que besos."

Estábamos los dos en la misma escuela, agarrados de la mano, pasando tiempo juntos como todos los días a todas horas. Teníamos la misma bolita de amigos, eran dos hombres, tu y yo. 548 more words

Good Days.


I skipped out on writing a Gratituesday post yesterday. Not that anyone would notice except me, really. It’s not like me. Even if I don’t write anything for a week I always, always, always post something I’m grateful for on Tuesdays. 815 more words

Mental Health

Keep Calm and just keep swimming.

Just keep swimmingit’s all i can do. Keep moving forward and never give up. Work for what I need, work for what I want and just work. 135 more words