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When do you usually eat?

One way you can start thinking about your eating habits is by answering this question: 

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There is no right or wrong answer, but it is one step towards making you realize what moves you to eat and what you need to do to become a mindful eater.

Eating Habits

9 simple tricks to eat more mindfully

Chewing is probably the simplest and most effective way develop the habit of eating mindfully. There used to be an entire dieting movement, led by the late… 836 more words

Eating Habits

Creating Good Eating Habits

Good health and happiness are our birthright. Don’t settle for less. It is understood that the three main causes of disease are stress, toxins, and bad eating habits. 1,049 more words

Article: "Rise and Shine, What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast", the New York Times

Very unique look into the variety of breakfast foods our children enjoy all over the world. You’d be surprised by what some people eat, however the photos make everything look delicious! 469 more words