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Recipe: Chili Pie (or is it Chili Cake?)

Chili Pie is very simple to make and so good to eat. Use the Texas Kick-Ass chili recipe under the “Good Food category.  Spray the sides of a Pyrex pan — a large rectangular pan — with Pam and pour in the chili about 1/2 way up or more, depending upon your tastes.

Good Food

The Earl or Essex

This pub is a joy.

I first found this pub when going to a friends birthday on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Down the backstreets of Angel, on a super quiet street, this pub has a very friendly cosy atmosphere while having high ceilings and a fair number of tables to cater for people who want to eat good food and drink booze! 92 more words

London Drinking

The Coach Makers

This pub is hidden away behind the craziness of Oxford Street. I personally am one of the people who walks in the street rather than on the pavement on Oxford Street as I want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible! 99 more words

London Drinking