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The hamburger is an edible American pastime. Let’s be honest, it basically IS America. Like macaroni and cheese and chocolate chip cookies, the hamburger is the reward that your parents dangled in front of you after you did your chores or finished soccer practice. 623 more words


Restaurant Review: Parlor Pizza Bar

I love this place, the people, the menu, and the location. The patio is superb and there are even ping pong tables. It’s kinda like the West Loop version of HomeSlice but with less creative cocktails but a better and more unique menu. 280 more words


Restaurant Review: West Town Bakery

Based on previous very fond memories of cake balls and their old location in Roscoe Village, I couldn’t wait to try this larger, cake-decorating-in-the-window kind of place. 281 more words


Williamsburg Charm @ Meadowsweet

Name: Meadowsweet

NGM Rating: A

Restaurant Inspection Rating: A

Website: http://www.meadowsweetnyc.com/

Location: 149 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Cuisine: New American with Mediterranean influences

Owner/Chef: Polo Dobkin… 508 more words


Restaurant and Bar Review: The Boundary

Great size bar that I like because not only do they have substantial outdoor seating but you can see the entire room-which is is nice when compared to many others bars in the area that have multiple floors and different rooms. 212 more words


Solid Small Plates, Sub-Standard Service and a Botched Dessert @ Alta

Name: Alta

NGM Rating: B-

Restaurant Inspection Rating: Grade Pending

Website: http://www.altarestaurant.com/

Location: 64 W. 10th Street, NY, NY 10011

Cuisine: Mediterranean-Influenced Small Plates… 488 more words


Ribalta Pizza

If I tell people who know me (or so we can say), they’ll be surprised to hear me say that I feel shy to talk. Well, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. 324 more words