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I just turned 30.

Am I scared? Very much so.

I’m so scared of winding up alone in my ‘old’ years…no husband, no baby,…not even a boyfriend! 247 more words

Catholic Girl

"Gone Girl" Review

On my day off the other day I took myself to see Gone Girl. I’ve been wanting to see it, I had the time, so I went finally. 122 more words


I Guess I Exceed Expectations

Cassandra and I were chatting the other night about the days spent when we first met in person a few months ago. How surprised she had been at the number of times and the intensity of her squirting. 107 more words

Hot Women

Quick Picks Monday: "The Good Girl" by Mary Kubica

Quick Picks Monday brings you a book off Wilmington Library’s Hot Books shelf.  Stop by to check it out today!

If you loved Gone Girl… 173 more words

Quick Picks

I was a spiritually good girl...and it sucked.

Maybe this thing I’m going to say – maybe this is why people equate being spiritual with being in financial poverty (though as one of my new Reverends reminded the congregation this morning, “poverty” at its core doesn’t have to do with money first, or at all): 604 more words

Goodbye Good Girl

I don't like not hearing Good girl

I know I have been away for a while. Life has been a little busy lately. Papi and I have revamped our structure to make it more tailored to our current situation. 432 more words


You asked for it

“Do you still in that big house?” Two hours later, I’m in tears and nothing has been resolved. You asked for stream of conciousness, no censor. 707 more words